Sunday, June 15, 2014

Social Media and Self Storage

The twentieth century brought the birth of computers and a vast leap into the technological and internet life that most of us all love to live.

With the twenty first century came further advancements in technology and the birth of social media and wow does social media have an impact on society as a whole. It is scary how social media such as Face Book, twitter, Instagram and many other social media websites have taken over society. It is like social media took control like the plague and everyone is calling it networking. Social media is not bad like a plague, don’t get me wrong but it has certainly spread faster than any “plague” this world has ever seen! It is no wonder everybody and their mother brothers, uncles, grandmothers and cousins have taken to social media and hopped on the social media train and took it for a ride around town; now they can network and communicate with anyone who also uses social media websites.

With everyone flocking to social media it is no wonder business have taken the reins and jumped in with everyone else. They’ve brought themselves up to date by keeping in touch with their customers, community and other local businesses and this most certainly includes the industry of self storage. The self storage industry has not always been up with the times-especially technologically – and sometimes the self storage business within a town may go unnoticed depending on location unless the owners are proactive in their marketing strategies. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter and taking measures for social media blogging have most defiantly helped to get the name of smaller self storage facilities out into the public eye and into the eyes of the community that surrounds the particular self storage facility and it honestly does not take much time out of the facility operators day to hop on their preferred social media website and keep make a post to keep everyone informed.

Facebook has got to be one of the most commonly used social media outlets for the self storage industry and with so many people using the social media wonders of Facebook it makes it very easy to reach a community or network of people that could use the accommodations of self storage. By simply taking a few minutes out of every day a facility operator can easily go onto face book and start their networking with the community. It is a great idea when using Facebook to add local business to your account so you can keep in touch with what other business in your area are up to. Who knows you could possibly even help other business with their storage needs just by keeping in touch with them. A small business may have never thought to use a self storage space for their business needs until you network with them and put the option in front of them and social media is a great way to do it. They also might not have realized how affordable it is to store in a self storage space but if network and let them know how practical it is they might just hop on that option to store with your self storage facility.

There are lots of business out there that use self storage units such as vending machine companies, dental supply companies, retail stores, plumbers, HVAC specialists, carpenters, doctors offices, antique dealers, and the list goes on and on. Many small businesses also take advantage of social media sites to advertise specials or discounts for the services or products that they provide and it is as simple as making a post on what their special or discount is to spread it out to the community or other local businesses. I mean it is virtually a free way of advertising and it has a potential to reach a vast amount of people that may be interested in the services or products your business has to offer and this is most definitely an option storage facilities too. For a self storage facility to list their discounts or specials on a social media website for the week, day, month, holiday or whatever the occasion may be it is certainly an effective way to reach a spectrum of people who might not have though to use the accommodations of self storage to begin with. Like I mentioned above people might not realize how affordable it is to rent a self storage space and putting it out there can only help them to understand that.

Lots of self storage facilities offer discounts or specials for a particular season, holiday, new customer or just about any other reason you can think of just like most business do. It is one thing to advertise it on a sign or in your rental office to let the people know what kind of discounts or specials you are offering but to reach a larger potential client base by advertising it over social media is just bettering your chances of spreading discount or special to more people. I mean not everyone your reaching out to will need the accommodations of a self storage space but maybe they know someone who does. They can also pass the message along through word of mouth for your self storage facility and come on let’s face it the best form of marketing is word of mouth and your just spreading the word to more people who could market for you.

Another great thing is having your current tenants as friends on your social media site of choice because not only can they be informed of what specials or discounts that you have going on in the event that they might need another self storage space but it also allows you to keep in touch with your client base and inform them of any change, event or anything of interest that they might want to know about the self storage facility where they are renting. Social media is not just only for advertising but it is also for keeping people up to date and in the know about what is going on around them. It is a great way to just keep in touch even with the tenants who do not visit the facility often and they can keep an eye so to speak on the facility if they are kept up to date on what is going on in and around the facility.

Now as  helpful as social media is as a networking and marketing tool and a way to just stay up to date with things, it certainly does not mean that you should avoid or stop all of your regular non internet advertising. A strong point here is that just because most people are keeping up with the times and utilizing social media there is still a whole client base of people that do not use social media for various reasons and you still need to be able to reach out to them as well. Not everyone is computer savvy or able to utilize social media or just plain out hate social media. They prefer that their life is not an open book available to everyone on the internet and prefer that they socialize in person. For this reason it is quite important for every business including self storage facilities to continue to advertise and market in all or most of the same ways they were before social media came along.

All and all the use of social media can be quite impacting for your self storage facility and it is an excellent way to reach out to current tenants, local businesses, potential new tenants and so many other people that eventually it can’t be avoided as an option for your business. As I mentioned before it is not the only way to reach a client base or network of people but it is definitely a viable option to reach out to people and keep them in the know.

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