Monday, June 16, 2014


It was 54 degrees this morning where did summer go? I want 80 degrees back!

Labor Day has passed & most people are either getting ready for school started back already and some are preparing for the cooler weather. But there are still the die hard summer people trying to get the last beach day in. The last walk on the boardwalk. The last sausage and peppers sub. They keep extending summer long as they can. (I know I do also).

Here at Storage Station Toms River & South Toms River we are busy with college Student’s who brought to many things to school. People closing a summer home & people preparing for the fall and winter storing summer items no longer needed till next spring and not taking up space at home. Patio sets pool chairs & lounges all the familiar summer items being stored away in a dry clean safe storage unit.

We also have motorcycle storage. Why just cover it with a tarp and leave it exposed to the elements, when you can safely store it in a dry protected location.

I got my wish and it is 90 degree temperatures this week time to head to the beach. Its like July not September.  People are scurrying in and out of their storage units. Let’s get this done before it gets cold. Moving things in and out older tenants organizing. New tenants trying to set up their storage unit for easy access and get the things out they need when the need them without emptying the storage unit to get what they want.

I see people taking out summer items they had already packed away. Most people in shorts as we are getting that warm break.

People storing their jet skis, campers, camping gear & boats are removing them again. Playtime is back with the warm weather they get every bit of summer they can. Winter will be here soon enough and all the jet skis, campers, camping gear & boats will be stored for winter again.

We have so many motorcycles here people love to ride zip in and out and take long rides. There is so much to see in beautiful Ocean & Monmouth counties. With the apartment complex directly opposite us it makes it so convenient for the riders as the apartment complexes do not allow motorcycle parking overnight on their premises.

Here comes a new tenant a pickup truck loaded…. sofa washer dryer all kinds of household item. They were searching for a secure clean dry location when they came here it was just what they had wanted.

Oh here comes the college student who just moved in. He brought way to many items for his small dorm room. We had a great ground floor storage unit for him.  Just what he wanted clean safe & secure.

He comes in and out and gets what he needs when he needs it. So convenient for him.

Campers and RV’s are now heading back in. Their owners and families were driving all over our beautiful country seeing the sites.

Laughing having fun. But now they are parking their campers and RV’s time to start buttoning up. This extended summer can’t last forever. They need to winterize so they won’t have problems & will be ready for next summer.

Another of our happy tenants coming in. She just got the storage unit downsizing a home and is moving in with her children. So many of her treasures are stored here where she knows they will be safe.

Every day a few more prized items are added to her storage unit. She told us she should be finished filling her storage unit by months end. She is so glad that a friend recommended us.

That’s “John” heading to his storage unit now. He was displaced by hurricane Sandy. He had a second floor in his home and was able to move all his belongings up before the storm hit.

Now as his house is being refurbished and he is storing by us on our second floor. He frequently comes in adding a new item to replace an item he had lost in the storm. He is such a nice person we are glad we were here to help and he can finally get back in his house.

Here comes another of our newest tenants he is still packing and buying boxes, bubble wrap and tape. The move in to the storage unit has started and we are supplying him with all he needs to pack up the contents of his home for the trip here.

Oh there is a moving truck at the apartments. So many people from there rent from us we are close and a clean, friendly location.

Our oldest tenant is coming in carrying his lock. It’s all rusted and hard to turn the key. I sold him a new disc lock that will be even more secure and stainless steel no more rusting.

That’s some of the things that go on here daily. We are always here to help any way we can.

Well its time for me to walk around the property and do my tour checking locks and making sure all is in order for our tenants.

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We would be happy to help in any way to make your stay with us as easy and worry free as possible. We would be happy to give you a tour of the facility and get you into the storage unit or parking spot that is just right for your needs.

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We are always here to help you with your storage needs in any way we can.

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SUMMER HAS ENDED FALL IS ARIVING….. Or is it? brought to you by : Storage Station Self Storage and Storage Blog


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