Thursday, June 12, 2014


Well here we are almost the end of March. April is around the corner.


We may not think so but it really is.

Brrrrr this has to be the coldest winter in a long time. We are still seeing tenants who  are in and out of their units. This winter they have been here less frequently.

Winter Winter go away come again in a year or two.

Everyone coming in has been thinking of spring and summer summer summer all have mentioned different items they want to take out for summer in their storage units. We have bogie boards, beach chairs, umbrellas, gardening tools, surf boards, jet skis and
other items.

Memorial Day Monday May 26th. is drawing near the official start to summer and the day we are sure the thaw is over.

A warm day out today there is our maintenance person trying to catch up you couldn’t do much in -19 degrees way to cold that’s frostbite time.I love this warm day today 58 degrees last night it was 27 such a temperature spread.

Yay this warm day is bringing people out. Here comes a new tenant a pickup truck loaded…. Sofa washer dryer all kinds of household item. They were searching for a clean location when they came here it was just what they had wanted.

Oh here comes the college student who just moved in. He brought way to many items for his small dorm room. We had a great ground floor storage unit for him.  Just what he wanted. He comes in and out and gets what he needs when he needs it. So convenient for him.

Another of our happy tenants coming in. She just got the storage unit downsizing a home and is moving in with her children. So many of her items are stored here where she knows She puts everything in order. Every day a few more items are added to her storage unit. She told us she should be finished filling her storage unit by months end. She is so glad that a friend recommended us.

Here comes another of our newest tenants he is still packing and buying boxes, bubble wrap and tape. The move in to the storage unit has started and we are supplying him with all he needs to pack up the contents of his home for the trip here.

It was so windy the other day like the wizard of oz! Things blowing past the window from blocks away. We were fine safe in our storage facility

This weather goes from one extreme to another.

Oh here we go another winter BLAST! Time to break out the salt, shovels & snow blower again. I hope this is the last of old man winter and finally pack everything up for the season.

Warmer weather is coming are sure signs that spring is finally close. It’s time to stash away the winter stuff and get to your summer things. From clearing out the closets to cleaning up the garage, you’re ready to tackle seasonal chores, but is your storage unit ready for spring and then summer?  You should also do a  spring clean up, and a good plan makes the job easier while you reclaim much-needed storage space.

Did you stage your home to sell?

What did you do with the garage full of everything you removed from the house, basement and more that was already in the garage ? That full garage could drive away buyers. I need storage station to store all this.

Toms River New Jersey

Toms River NJ

That full garage gives the buyer a bad first impression that might make a buyer not put in an offer. Remember the garage is part of the house. Bring all that is there to Storage Station. Get the most from your sale store those full garages with us.

Curb appeal make sure you keep your home looking good for those potential buyers.. First impressions on your landscape make a difference. The same holds true for us at Storage Station. We strive to keep things clean and all landscaping trimmed with colorful flowers that are always a crowd pleaser. Picking up any debris that blows in the property sweeping halls dusting doors.

Oh here comes some of our oldest tenants here at Storage Station not by how long they have been storing here but their age. She is 95 years old, and such a spry lady still drives carries here items in and out of her unit all by herself.  No help needed. Her husband is 97 no longer drives but is also very spry. I hope that will be me in coming years.

A  potential customer just came in I helped her decide on a unit size and took her out to check sizes and show her the lay of the land. She loved Storage Station. We came back inside and I did her lease and explained all she was so excited to get all that stuff out of her house.

That’s some of the things that go on here daily. We are always here to help any way we can.

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