Monday, June 16, 2014

The Power of Containers

Containers can be your best friend, especially when moving large quantities of items. They also serve as great storage options when you least expect it. Self-storage companies understand the value of having containers for a variety of purposes. When moving, whether you are using boxes or bins, you can get your job done a lot faster when everything is in a compact place. There are even tutorials on Pinterest and many interior design magazines or blogs that speak about how containers make a huge difference in packing and moving.

Here are a few ways in which you can use containers to make a difference in your home or storage unit:

  • Clothes – This is a great way to store clothes, especially if they are out of season. Adding a scented pouch will keep your clothes smelling nice and fresh until you pull them out for use again.
  • Desk accessories – Do you have an office on-the-go? A storage bin will be perfect for transporting items that you need while keeping everything together in one place. Your traveling office can carry anything of relevance, from a small printer and labeler, to pens, pencils and documents for writing. These are good for carrying spare laptop and camera batteries as well.
  • Tools – There is nothing greater than having organized tools. For the handyman and tool collector, storage bins can be your best friend. Labels on the outside can guide you to what you need when you need it in a short amount of time, alleviating the hunt for that tool you need.
  • Books – If you are a bibliophile and don’t have the space to store all your books on the shelf, storage containers are great for keeping your books preserved and out of sight while not having to part ways with them. If you’re a real collector, having all your series in different bins is not only genius, it’s helpful for those days when you just want to curl up with one of your favorite authors, a blanket and hot cup of chocolate.
  • Documents – Let’s face it. Most people are paper hoarders and have not mastered the art of going paperless. Storage bins and containers are perfect for those businesses and people who have a lot of documentation with nowhere to keep it and haven’t had those records long enough to shred.

Storage containers come in many forms, shapes, colors and sizes so it’s easy to find one that works for you. They can be found in discount and specialty stores. There’s nothing like being able to store things compactly for moving and other uses. Containers make things more efficient and organized in a simplistic way. For those individuals who are style-conscious, there are tons of boxes and bins that come in custom colors and designs. The world of storage is consistently changing with the masses and is ready to provide options for every type customer on the planet. Is a trip to the store for some containers on your radar? Happy hunting!


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