Friday, June 6, 2014

What Does Outsourcing Mean For Your Self Storage Facility?

In the current economy, self storage businesses everywhere are looking to cut costs in any way possible in order to turn a profit. When it comes to facility maintenance, let’s examine how outsourcing can help to save your self storage company a few dollars. However, some self storage facility owners still maintain their facility on their own instead of hiring an outside company to do so. There are several advantages in terms of saving both time and money if you leave the heavy lifting to the professionals.

One common misconception about outside companies that provide maintenance is that they are too expensive. However, when you think about all the time and extra energy that a self storage manager would need to exert in order to properly maintain the outside grounds on the facility, it might prove more efficient to just hire an experienced company. When deciding whether to or not to utilize a manager’s time in this manner, think about how valuable it to be have your manager’s talents focused elsewhere.

Maintenance of facility grounds should be factored somewhere in your budget. Your facility manager can take care of little tasks such as changing light bulbs and small projects but the bulk of the work would be better suited in the hands of a trusted maintenance company. Think about it – what if your self storage manger missed an important sales call because he was trimming the grounds of the facility?

People also often worry about being overcharged when it comes to outsourcing maintenance. The thought exists that maintenance companies will make up things that need to be fixed just so that they can assign a charge to it. This is simply not true. However, if you are concerned about getting a fair price then shop around. Visit several maintenance companies and get quotes from each and then compare. You have a greater chance of finding a company that will give you a good price if you have something else to compare it to.

Try not to think that all companies are the same and that every cheap company is a good one. The cheapest may not always work out to be the best alternative. When conducting research, look for what other customers of the maintenance company have to say about it. Customer reviews offer the most authentic view about how a company really operates. If you want to know whether or not he maintenance of your self storage facility will be in good hands, then head over to Yelp or Angie’s List to see what others are saying about the company you would potentially give your business.

Based on the magnitude of the project, you may hire an outside company or have your manager perform some of these duties. Whatever the case may be, keep in mind that it will not always be possible for your manager to maintain the doors. A self storage maintenance company would better be able to manage this duty than your manager. The technical difficulty of a project should always be kept in mind when having this discussion.


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