Thursday, June 5, 2014

Winter Storage

I was looking through my closet on the evening of December 31st, trying to choose the right shirt to wear at the New Year’s party I was to attend.  I am not a clothes horse, but I was noticing all the spring and summer shirts I had in my closet that I wasn’t going to wear anytime soon.  I realized that I’d been procrastinating on getting out the plastic tote containers and getting those warm weather clothes to my storage unit at Storage Station of Wayne. I knew I couldn’t just throw the clothes from the closet into the bins, so here are some helpful packing tips I’ll share with you.

Make sure the clothes you are going to store have been laundered thoroughly.  If the clothes have been soiled in any way, storing them in that condition can set stains, making them even more challenging to remove.  If the clothes have food residue on them, they could also attract insects and ruin your stored clothing.

I recommend putting all clothing in large plastic tote containers when you plan to put them in storage.  Cardboard boxes are not recommended, but if that cannot be avoided, put the clothing in plastic garbage bags and seal them inside the cardboard boxes.  A cardboard box is not airtight and the clothing may be susceptible to insects.  The best plastic tote containers come with lids that in most cases have airtight seals that will prevent bugs from calling your clothes their new home.

If you’re thinking mothballs, I recommend you not use them.  Not only do they leave behind their irritating aroma, but they’re not 100 percent effective.  If you don’t have access to airtight plastic tote containers, you could use small cedar blocks to absorb moisture and repel insects.  Cedar blocks also have a sweeter aroma than mothballs.

I have learned that keeping summer shorts and light weight pants at the bottom of the plastic totes and having tees and light weight dress shirts at the top of the heavier clothing keeps the shirts in better condition.  The weight of pants and heavier clothes could permanently distort the shape of lighter clothes.

Keeping your clothes stored in a dry, heated/cooled environment is crucial when it comes to storage.  That’s why I choose Storage Station, located at 2354 Hamburg Turnpike, Wayne, NJ, 07470, to store my clothing and other items.  I called 973-616-8700 and a courteous staff member walked me through the process of choosing the right storage unit for my needs.  I feel free to ask questions and the staff always makes me feel welcome.

Plastic tote containers are not the only thing I keep in my unit at Storage Station.  It’s been a brutal winter so far in 2014.  I keep things that need to be kept inside that I don’t have room for in my home and some things that can be left in the elements and be just fine, but why have these things cluttering my yard, basement or attic, if I can just keep them in a unit at Storage Station of Wayne!  I love my outdoor activities and those activities require a lot of accessories.  Here are some of my suggestions to de-clutter, as I did.

I like to keep my boat and kayak in the back yard during the warm weather months so I can get out on the water on a moment’s notice.  In the winter when I’m less likely to do so, keeping these items in my yard and left in the elements, has proven disastrous.  Having these large items in storage gives me peace of mind that in the spring, they’ll be as ready to go as I am.

Keeping my tent, air mattress and other outdoor gear in my damp basement is an invitation to mold and mildew.  Keeping these items in a climate controlled storage unit is vital to my having them look just like they did when I put them in storage as when I remove them.

The folding camper I would leave in or next to my garage has found its new winter home at Storage Station.  Each year I get a non-climate controlled storage unit to put it in or if there isn’t a unit available, I can leave it wrapped in a tarp, parked in a parking spot in the gated parking lot.

Patio furniture takes a pretty good wallop in the summer with barbeques and other family activities.  In the winter I like to give it a break from the freezing rain, snow and cold by putting it in storage.

The lawn mower I would constantly be rolling back and forth out of my way in the garage is put in storage and it is never in my way again.  I keep the endless gardening tools like my hedge trimmer, my edger, the weed whacker, the bucket with my trowel and hoe and shovel, all in self storage.  I imagine the garden gnomes come alive after I close my unit door.

My barbeque grill came with a cover, but it lasted one winter.  It gets rolled in to storage and is no longer a winter home for any backyard critters.

It seems every summer I have to buy new raft and inflatable balls for the kid’s pool because they are so mishandled during the winter.  The pool accessories also don’t fare well in the below freezing temperatures of winter.  I gather all the pool equipment and toys and put them in storage for safe keeping.

If you have an ice cooler that seals, you can use that to put some of the smaller items in to save you space and money.  Same with any luggage.  Not only can you store smaller items in them, they have wheels making them easy to move around.

I wish I’d gone to Storage Station of Wayne earlier.  Every year by keeping my items in a heated/cooled storage unit, instead of out in the harsh winter elements, I know I’m saving myself time and money.  Thank you, Storage Station!!

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