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Get your chat on with #Storchat!

Let’s face it – social media is very prevalent in every facet of industry, including self-storage. Small, mid-sized and large businesses include digital marketing in all of their strategic plans, as self-storage is an ongoing, consumer-engaged business model. Self-storage has stepped outside of the shadows and has made having any affiliation with storage units a cool thing to do.

In branding the business, there are many outlets that have come to the forefront. #Storchat is the newest addition to the social media empire, increasing the footprint with consumers and self-storage pros. #Storchat is experiencing continued growth in a major way. Use of the hashtag will get your comment seen by the many users of this interface. #Storchat is quickly becoming a valued resource, with featured sessions from industry authorities every Wednesday as a highlight.

For individuals in the business, this is a great way to network and gain insight into how others are handling certain issues within their facilities. This is also a forum where you get to talk about real-life scenarios and find out how others are handling everyday situations. Using Twitter to host such an informative session is smart marketing. By embracing this social media interface, the company not only draws attention to what they are doing, but is also becoming a trusted resource within the industry. This is one of the main reasons for employing social media methods.

A great thing about being on a huge forum is that you get to converse and ask questions on items that may or may not be experiencing, such as providing health insurance for your employees. For large self-storage entities, this is a huge concern to consider with the full implementation of the Affordable Care Act in place. Spacing issues, non-paying customers, and additional ways to market your services are also great topics that can be addressed.

Self-storage companies can benefit from employing social media marketing tactics in every outlet. The use of YouTube and Vine videos continue to take the world by storm. By using these effectively, companies can draw in an entirely new demographic. Tutorial videos or humor-based videos are very popular and quickly go viral.

Taking the time to network and use outlets like #Storchat to interact with others can not only give your company exposure, but also forges partnerships that can benefit your organization. Smaller companies can make a lasting impact when partnering with an organization that has a larger footprint. Using these techniques can go a long way in increasing market share in a subtle, yet effective way. In the world of business, it’s good to assess your strategies on a regular basis to find ways to make a difference.

 Although #Storchat is used primarily for industry professionals, offering once-a-month chat sessions on your own social media account might not be a bad idea. Customers value opportunities to engage with their service providers to answer questions or get information.


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Kenny Pratt and SpareFoot Co-host Industry Twitter Chat

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AUSTIN, Texas – Aug. 23, 2011 – To celebrate the growing numbers of self-storage professionals active on Twitter, two social media mavens are joining forces to host the first ever industry Twitter chat, known as #StorChat. Twitter chats are online conversations in which relevant users gather at a specified time to discuss certain topics related to an industry or hobby. Chats are held weekly, with a new topic of discussion set each week. #StorChat will be held Wednesdays from 3-3:30 CST, starting Sept. 7.

#StorChat is hosted by Kenny Pratt (@SellingStorage), President of Crescendo Properties and Editor-In-Chief of Selling Storage, along with Rachel Greenfield (@SpareFoot), Marketing Analyst at SpareFoot and Editor-In-Chief of the Storage Facilitator. The hosts will ask three questions relating to the topic at hand over the course of thirty minutes, and everyone participating is encouraged to answer, discuss and exchange ideas and opinions via tweets.

“The great thing about a Twitter chat is it brings users together from all over country or world to a place where they can interact in real time, rather than communicate in a delayed manner as they might through email or forums,” Pratt said.

Many self-storage operators currently use Twitter as a promotional tool to reach potential customers, but #StorChat hopes to demonstrate there’s more to the platform. It presents a progressive opportunity to meet new connections and learn from knowledgeable peers on anything and everything self-storage business. Twitter chats have been popular and successful in a variety of niche industries, from real estate to multi-family housing to blogging.

Social networks like Twitter can feel overwhelming, so #StorChat offers self-storage professionals the chance to cut their teeth with a group of supportive people they can relate to. Everyone in the industry is encouraged to join in, learn and socialize with their fellow smart and creative storage owners, investors, managers and employees.

The first #StorChat on Wednesday, Sept. 7 from 3-3:30 CST will cover the use of social media marketing in self-storage. To participate, simply sign up for a free Twitter account on (or log in to your current account), then follow the hash tag #StorChat by searching for it in the Twitter search box. Be sure to type the hash tag “#StorChat” at the end of every tweet you send during the chat. Get more tips, advice and details about #StorChat here:

About SpareFoot:
SpareFoot is the largest online marketplace for self-storage, making it easy for consumers nationwide to find, compare and reserve storage units online. The company also offers a suite of leading web marketing tools for facility operators. Across multiple properties including, and others, the SpareFoot Ad Network helps facility owners and managers find new tenants— all through an entirely pay-for-performance model. SpareFoot is backed by Silverton Partners, FLOODGATE and Capital Factory. For more information, please visit

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Turning Clutter Into Cash

Let’s face it – the environment and culture we live in speak volumes when it comes to hoarding things. We live in a society where there are packrats and then there are minimalists. Having a lot of possessions causes a lot of stress on the mind and prevents clear thought processes. Matter-of-fact, in an online survey by the Huffington Post, 84% of Americans who experienced stress said they worry about whether or not their home is clean or organized enough.

As more people around the world accumulate possessions, it continues to create a need for self-storage. This has created the demand for shows like Storage Wars and other venues that capitalize on people’s need to have “things.” What most people don’t realize is that clutter drains your resources, mentally and financially. Keeping a calendar that will help you utilize the one in, two out system will eventually help you downsize and reduce your clutter.

There are quite a few ways to declutter and turn your clutter into cash. Here are a few ways:

  • Garage sales – This can really impact your wallet, especially if you have a lot of things you can sell. You would be surprised how many people turn out for yard sales each and every weekend. It’s not just a hobby, it’s a movement.
  • Ebay – This is one of the main outlets for selling and reselling things that you no longer want or need. Someone’s trash always ends up being another’s treasure. Ebay uses the platform to bring truth to that saying in a major way.
  • Assess your valuables – Many times we have things that are worth a lot of money and don’t even realize it. Take the time to go through your things and see how much money you can salvage from your belongings.
  • Clean out your storage unit – If you’re looking to put money in your pocket, clean out your storage unit. You may be able to get a smaller space or get rid of it entirely. If you are strained for cash, this is a good way to reassess your money and put it to good use in other ways.
  • Organize your finances – Yes, your finances can be in a state of clutter and so disorganized that you don’t know what’s going out or coming in on a consistent basis. Looking at a budget and finding ways to cut costs can help you add more money to your budget and wallet at the end of the month.

These are just a few ways where you can turn every area of your life that has “clutter” into cash that will help you get yourself organized and your house in order. Having a semblance of order helps in more ways that you can ever imagine. It’s no fun to look for items that you can’t find because you aren’t organized. As the saying goes, time definitely is money … a precious commodity that most of us don’t have enough of. Utilize your time and your resources wisely. You’ll thank yourself for it later.


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Self Storage, Have It Your Way

Wayne Storage Units

Wayne NJ Self Storage

In today’s fast food society, we are constantly barraged with dozens of different options for everything imaginable.  Just go down the road and you’ll pass 5 different restaurants, 4 pizza parlors, 3 car washes, 2 super markets, 3 gas stations, and well you get the point.  In today’s ever changing economy, people are presented with a multitude of options dealing with everything from price, to availability, to style, to just about any other desire a consumer may have.  Everyone wants what they want, exactly how they want it, and exactly when they want it.

While many view self storage as this hum drum boring market place, there are equally as many options and possibilities when it comes to storing your items as there are ways to get your favorite burger from your favorite burger joint down the road.  Most people only know what they see on the television, which traditionally isn’t much as far as self storage facilities are concerned, and never really take the time to investigate things further.  Would it surprise you to know that you can you can actually have storage units delivered directly to your home and then picked back up when you’re done doing whatever it was you needed to in the first place?  Could you tell me the difference between a storage pod and a self storage unit?  Most probably not, but that’s why we’re here, and hopefully by the time you finish reading this article, you’ll be able to decide which storage types and options will best suit your self storage needs.

Mobile Storage Bins (Pods)
Some of you may have heard of a storage pod which is a fairly new option, but for those of you who haven’t, a storage pod is basically a container that is dropped off at a location of your choice, where you can load or unload it, and then have the container hauled off again.  This is a convenient option that allows you the time to load at your own pace, right there in your front yard, and negates the need to rent a moving truck.

While this option does have its’ upsides, there are a few other things to consider before signing up for a pod.  If you were to take a look at it from an average cost aspect, a 10 x 15 pod when rented for a year and stored at a storage site will run you at least an extra $950 over a conventional storage unit of the same size, not including the initial drop off fee.

While some will pay the extra money for the option of having it dropped off and picked up where needed, there is another drawback to a storage pod.  If you decide that you need to grab something from the storage pod, after it’s been hauled away, you really have only two options.  You’ll have to decide if you want to travel to the offsite storage facility and attempt to gain access to your bin, or you can schedule a delivery of the pod back to your home, but then you are at the mercy of the delivery schedule and the additional cost of the drop off and pick up.

Standard Stationary Units
The staple of the self storage industry, many of you have seen or used this type of self storage unit.  While the mobility of these units is pretty self explanatory, the options that come along with this method of storage are a bit more detailed.  While there are different styles and options, the proper choice for you is more personal preference and based upon what kinds of items you’ll be storing.  The two main options you have are climate and non climate controlled units.

Climate Controlled Units
A climate controlled self storage unit is a temperature regulated unit where your items are stored in an environment kept at a fairly regulated temperature.  As is the norm, units of this type are located in an enclosed building where the facility has a thermostat set to adjust the temperature in the building accordingly.  In the winter, while the exterior temperature could drop in to the single digits, the climate controlled units are all maintained at a set temperature.  Once the temperature in the building gets below a certain degree, the heat will kick on to bring the temperature up to the appropriate level.

The opposite is true in the summer.  No matter how hot it gets out side in the dog days of August, the climate controlled units will be kept at a set temperature.  The one down side to a climate controlled unit, normally, is that in order to store you items, you must enter a building even before getting to your specific unit.  The pull “up and dump” option is not available being that in order to keep the temperature properly regulated in the climate controlled building, access must be so that it is not possible for unit doors to be left open allowing for the cold or heat to circulate into the building.

The most common of self storage units, non climate controlled units, far outnumber all other unit types.  Traditionally, these are the units you see as you drive past a storage facility on the road side, most reminiscent of a building with a bunch of garage doors.  As far as ease of access, i.e. loading and unloading, this is the winner hands down.  Non climate controlled units can be pulled right up to, in most instances, and you can unload directly from your truck or car into the unit itself, no stairs or elevators to deal with.  Not only are these units beneficial as far as a loading and unloading aspect, but they can hold a multitude of items that the other options can’t offer.  Many people use these units to park cars in during the winter as well as other motor vehicles which you would be unable to get into either the climate controlled units nor the pods.

A main  difference to a non climate controlled units would have to be the temperature changes that the items in side are subject to.  Being that they are not located in the regulated buildings, the temperature inside the unit itself is completely tied to the temperature outside.  While storing your items in hot or cold may or may not affect them, again it’s a personal preference as to how you want the items to be stored.

Self storage is all about your own personal needs and wants as far as the proper type of storage unit you pick.  What works for one person’s storage needs may not necessarily be the right idea for you.  Regardless of which way you decide to store your items, we hope this article help shed a little light on the subject, and if you have any further questions, please feel free to stop into your local Storage Station to see what we have to offer and help answer any other questions you have before making your self storage decision.

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Self Storage: Can I Store Anything?

One of the biggest myths you may hear is that you can store anything in a self-storage facility. The quick answer to that question is NO. Although the list is quite extensive of the items you may store, there are certain things that could be damaging to your goods and the facility. Knowing what can and cannot be stored may seem self-explanatory for some, but it’s not that cut and dry.

First, you should know that there are rules that must be followed by the facility. The National Self-Storage Association has guidelines that come down the pipeline for everyone to stay within regulation. Additionally, when partnering with other companies, it is important that they both adhere to regulations. New information is usually disseminated via web pages, social media and direct communications.

What can be stored?

Although there are many documented stories of interesting finds in self-storage units, you should know what can and cannot be stored. You should make sure you are getting the right one to house what you need. Furs, albums, documents and non-perishables should be kept in a climate-controlled unit to preserve what you have. Furs should be stored in a facility that is a little colder than a standard climate-controlled unit to make sure it does not dry out or become damaged. Although climate-controlled units are set at a standard temperature, it’s not a cold environment, but rather a set temperature.

Household goods are usually welcomed, but when acquiring a unit, you need to make sure you avoid flammable liquids like paint or gasoline. Even if you have an outdoor drive-up unit, these items should be first on the list to exclude. Outside work equipment is even in question, depending on what needs to be stored. You may have driving lawn mowers that may not be acceptable at your standard facility and may need to be moved to an auto storage location just because it runs on gas.

Each facility should have a list of acceptable and unacceptable items. Federal agents recently seized 44 guns in a self-storage unit. It goes without saying that these guns were on the list as not being acceptable. Allowing these types of violations could hurt the business and its reputation, especially when it spreads across different social media pages.

One of the best things a self-storage company can do is provide a list of acceptable and unacceptable items on their web page or Facebook page so that current and potential customers will be able to see this list and compare it with what they need to be stored. This can alleviate confusion and potential fines on both ends.

Many people may think they are getting away with housing illegal items in a self-storage unit but should know that closed-circuit cameras show quite a bit and those tapes are reviewed (at least at responsible facilities). There is a reason why certain facilities are more expensive than others, and they usually have more technologically sound equipment to protect their business and their clients.


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Repurpose Your Setting With Shipping Containers

There are many unconventional methods to finding adequate housing. In today’s society, anything goes. If you’re willing to do the work for transforming something that was typically used for storage into something that could become habitable, you’re well on your way.

Welcome to the world of shipping containers that have turned into gorgeous homes. Gone are the days where you had to use a conventional method to create a livable space, and with so many outlets for being creative with locations that were typically meant for storage, there continue to be reports of storage facilities and other storage items becoming multipurpose articles for use.

Not only are these containers useful for living, but businesses can also capitalize on this trend. These containers have transformed into beautiful and spacious office spaces that embrace green construction. Once everything is properly registered, you will have an opportunity to market your company on social media and through detailed marketing materials. This be an inventive spin to your efforts, and the thought of having a really nice office housed in a shipping container is kind of cool!

These shipping containers have produced awesome results. Glass sliding doors, wood flooring and all the amenities of luxurious living have been put into these projects. Some designers have been very ingenious, putting four or five together to make a two-story or tri-level house. Design can take anything and make it into something worth having. Other countries have taken this concept and turned large shipping containers into small apartment complexes and “micro” lofts. Who said you can’t have the finer things in life just because it doesn’t look so hot at first glance?

This concept also capitalizes on the concept of green architecture, recycling and reusing containers that become inexpensive solutions to housing and business needs. Interestingly enough, this trend is continuously growing and has been embraced by quite a few large corporations. Palotta TeamWorks has a 47,000 square foot warehouse/office made from shipping containers. The design was so nice, it won an architecture award. Travelodge hotel also has the world’s first hotel in Uxbridge, West London built entirely from recycled shipping containers, and it’s said that there will be numerous pop-up facilities serving as hotels during the Olympics that will be created with these containers.

With so many shipping containers around the world just taking up space on the docks, it’s a great alternative for making use of recycled space. The expense is minimal, depending on what you want to do with the container. Here are a few advantages:

  • They are readily available in large quantities
  • They are very easy to transport
  • They are inexpensive
  • They are durable

The world of storage and its uses continues to evolve, turning a simple concept into one of usefulness that can provide an immediate need to a lot of people and businesses. Ingenious, creative, resourceful and sustainable, the shipping container revolution is making its own lane with definitive plans of staying around for a very long time.


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A+ For Ash Program

Click here to view the embedded video.

Urban Timber Program means furniture for Cincinnati Public Schools and sustainable management of city’s Ash trees

This video, produced by Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS), explains how the harvesting of threatened Ash trees has turned into a win-win program for the environment, local business and student education. CPS has a widespread sustainability plan in place, guided by GBBN Architects and others. Watch the video to see the uses for Ash lumber throughout the school district.


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Self Storage Found To Be A Risk-Free Investment

Buy a piece of real estate is always a good investment is everywhere. If you want to go this route, there is a kind of property you can invest in less risky. We speak of the self-storage.

Bloomberg reports in his recent return rankings safe storage company that the best risk-adjusted return produces itself. The report covers 10 real evidence REITs in the U.S. in the last 10 years. Compared to offices, hotels and warehouses, free storage facilities to the highest total yield and the third lowest volatility.

Investing in self storage are also risks low. For one thing, there are movements that have no impact on cash flow. Other factors are the minimum loss of collection areas and non-profit multiple.

Among the most important institutions, cubes Mart, Public Storage was additional space for storage and Sovran Self Storage Inc., Inc. has always a cash-flow growth, and investors won, had low debt. Revenue trends Extra Space Storage Financing for the first quarter of 2012 rose by 41 percent. Others have yet to declare their income.

Industry experts offer a self-storage capacity and increased demand and rents in the coming year. The occupation is expected to grow 1-3 percent points, while rents will rise by three to 3.5 percent. This forecast is based on the survey covered by Cushman & Wakefield, approximately 7,000 facilities in the U.S. based

Compared to 2011 the average occupancy rose from 80 percent to 81.1 percent. Rental fees were also up to $ 88 to $ 90 for a unit of measure 10 feet by 10 feet.

Storage units for rent are very useful for people regardless of their status in life. Renting a space is usually based on several factors, but mainly to travel on a life-changing situation that requires people to places. These include graduating from college, changing jobs, divorce or going through a death in the family.

Rental units often vary from less than five feet by five feet to larger measures 25 feet by 25 feet. And while some companies to own their buildings, there are others who actually rent space by the month.

In the U.S. alone, the data collected in 2011 showed that there are now 50.048 self-storage facilities. The number is nearly 30,000 in 1999. Institutions also have an average of 243 units in 2000-566 units each increased in 2011.

Many investors have even ventured into the store to take advantage of people need a safe place to keep their old and valuable personal items. There is a constant demand for rental of space in the last few years, after which the industry much better than traditional real estate investments.

The self-storage industry has been considered to maintain due to the recession proof investments cheaply and easily profit margins more important that he enjoys. Amidst financial crisis, the industry was also affected. The Self Storage Association (SSA) also confirmed that this particular sector enjoys rapid growth between the commercial property market.


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Guarding Your Self Storage Business Against Heartbleed

As thieves become more sophisticated, securing sensitive information is an essential part of any business. Robbers no longer have to wear a ski mask and attack in the dead of the night. With a just a few keystrokes, unscrupulous persons can take away everything that you have worked years to build with your self storage business in a matter of minutes. The recent Heartbleed debacle has left many major companies scrambling to fix the problem that has left lots of sensitive data exposed.

In layman’s terms, Heartbleed is a security bug that has recently affected software known as OpenSSL, which is used for security on most popular web servers. Think of it as the software that is responsible for encrypting the sensitive information, such as usernames and passwords, while you transfer it from your computer to a website. Recently, it was discovered that it was possible to retrieve the encrypted information from the web server without leaving a trace.

The security bug has since been fixed but there is still no way of knowing which web servers were affected. Therefore, your self storage facility’s sensitive information might be affected. Since there is no way to know for certain, the best course of action is to take as many steps to secure your information from this point in time.

A strong password is essential when it comes to online security so this is the first place you should start. Change all the passwords that you use for online banking and email. Most major websites have been sending out email reminders to let users know they should change their passwords. Even if you have no received an email alert, go ahead and change all your passwords so you can be on the safe side.

Another way to further amp up security in the wake of this fiasco is to enable two-step authentication on all accounts that have this feather. Google, Hotmail, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Apple, Paypal, and WordPress are just a few of the many sites that allow users to login only after a code (usually sent to a phone) is entered in addition to a password. By using two-step authentication, even if your password becomes compromised, no one can access your account without first entering the code sent to your phone.

Remember, you are not just charged with protecting the sensitive information of your self storage business but also that of your customers as well. The Heartbleed bug can access credit card information and other customer data as well. Take all the necessary precautions when it comes to online security and we’ll keep you updated regularly on everything you need to know as this issue develops.


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Forum Post: Five Steps For Hiring A Roofing Contractor

The best roof you can buy is only as good as the contractor installing it. To get the longest life from the roof you buy, it's important to select the right contractor, not just pick the one offering the lowest price. Finding a good contractor isn't necessarily hard, but it is important to make sure you take the time to research your choices. Click here to learn about five steps that can help you zero in on a good contractor.


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Well here we are almost the end of March. April is around the corner.


We may not think so but it really is.

Brrrrr this has to be the coldest winter in a long time. We are still seeing tenants who  are in and out of their units. This winter they have been here less frequently.

Winter Winter go away come again in a year or two.

Everyone coming in has been thinking of spring and summer summer summer all have mentioned different items they want to take out for summer in their storage units. We have bogie boards, beach chairs, umbrellas, gardening tools, surf boards, jet skis and
other items.

Memorial Day Monday May 26th. is drawing near the official start to summer and the day we are sure the thaw is over.

A warm day out today there is our maintenance person trying to catch up you couldn’t do much in -19 degrees way to cold that’s frostbite time.I love this warm day today 58 degrees last night it was 27 such a temperature spread.

Yay this warm day is bringing people out. Here comes a new tenant a pickup truck loaded…. Sofa washer dryer all kinds of household item. They were searching for a clean location when they came here it was just what they had wanted.

Oh here comes the college student who just moved in. He brought way to many items for his small dorm room. We had a great ground floor storage unit for him.  Just what he wanted. He comes in and out and gets what he needs when he needs it. So convenient for him.

Another of our happy tenants coming in. She just got the storage unit downsizing a home and is moving in with her children. So many of her items are stored here where she knows She puts everything in order. Every day a few more items are added to her storage unit. She told us she should be finished filling her storage unit by months end. She is so glad that a friend recommended us.

Here comes another of our newest tenants he is still packing and buying boxes, bubble wrap and tape. The move in to the storage unit has started and we are supplying him with all he needs to pack up the contents of his home for the trip here.

It was so windy the other day like the wizard of oz! Things blowing past the window from blocks away. We were fine safe in our storage facility

This weather goes from one extreme to another.

Oh here we go another winter BLAST! Time to break out the salt, shovels & snow blower again. I hope this is the last of old man winter and finally pack everything up for the season.

Warmer weather is coming are sure signs that spring is finally close. It’s time to stash away the winter stuff and get to your summer things. From clearing out the closets to cleaning up the garage, you’re ready to tackle seasonal chores, but is your storage unit ready for spring and then summer?  You should also do a  spring clean up, and a good plan makes the job easier while you reclaim much-needed storage space.

Did you stage your home to sell?

What did you do with the garage full of everything you removed from the house, basement and more that was already in the garage ? That full garage could drive away buyers. I need storage station to store all this.

Toms River New Jersey

Toms River NJ

That full garage gives the buyer a bad first impression that might make a buyer not put in an offer. Remember the garage is part of the house. Bring all that is there to Storage Station. Get the most from your sale store those full garages with us.

Curb appeal make sure you keep your home looking good for those potential buyers.. First impressions on your landscape make a difference. The same holds true for us at Storage Station. We strive to keep things clean and all landscaping trimmed with colorful flowers that are always a crowd pleaser. Picking up any debris that blows in the property sweeping halls dusting doors.

Oh here comes some of our oldest tenants here at Storage Station not by how long they have been storing here but their age. She is 95 years old, and such a spry lady still drives carries here items in and out of her unit all by herself.  No help needed. Her husband is 97 no longer drives but is also very spry. I hope that will be me in coming years.

A  potential customer just came in I helped her decide on a unit size and took her out to check sizes and show her the lay of the land. She loved Storage Station. We came back inside and I did her lease and explained all she was so excited to get all that stuff out of her house.

That’s some of the things that go on here daily. We are always here to help any way we can.

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New Jersey Self Storage Company Take New Spin on Storage

Self storage is not necessarily the most exciting industry. However, every now and again, a business comes along with such a unique concept that others in the self storage industry cannot help but take notice. Treasure Island Self Storage is one such company. Located in Brooklyn, New York, the newly opened self storage facility will offer art studio space to a working artists in the area. This new site marks the 10th self storage location in the New York-New Jersey area for Treasure Island president, James Coakley.

The self storage facility provides studio space and a variety of amenities to about 150 artists. These amenities include a ceramics area, spray room and art gallery. In addition to those amenities, there are carts, slop sinks and scaffolding equipment for artists to use as well.

The company’s official grand opening will take place on May 6 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. with refreshments and giveaways. There will be refreshments and prizes for those in attendance. Treasure Island Storage is also giving away a free month’s rent to new customers. This is the perfect opportunity to land a good deal on self storage, especially if you are new to the whole concept.

The 84, 00 square foot building that houses the new self storage facility was purchased in 2012 from the U.S. Postal Service for $6.55 million. Prior to being used for self storage, the property served as a mail-sorting facility for more than 30 years.

Treasure Island doesn’t just offer storage options for artists, it also caters to the general public. There is household, commercial, boat, car and wine storage. With existing facilities in seven cities in New Jersey and three in New York, the company is anticipating opening another in Harlem later this year.


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Self Storage Comic Book Seeks More Crowdfunding

Last September, we featured a novel comic book idea that was starting to grow – a self storage themed comic book. The comic book served to further illustrate the infiltration of self storage into the mainstream entertainment industry. The crime-fighting comic book series Unit 44 was created by Wes Locher, an author who was working on two other comic books – New Life and The Undoutables.

Unit 44 comic book in

Though the idea was great, the project needed funding, which led to its creator launching a Kickstarter campaign in order to raise the money needed for its production. The campaign was successful and now those involved in the project are trying to finish the next three issues with the help of the public once again. The initial Kickstarter needed to raise $2000 and surpassed that goal in only seven days. This current campaign is trying to raise $2, 400 and has 22 days left until completion. So far, 47 people have contributed $1, 465 toward the goal.

Unit 44 comic book in

The comic not only delivers on laughs, it is packs a powerful punch when it comes to action as well. If you’re into secret agents and self storage, then this is exactly the comic you need to have a great laugh and satisfy your craving for a thrilling read as well as secret agents scramble to recover the contents of a unit that were mistakenly sold at a self storage auction. Having forgotten to pay the rent, Area 51 agents in Nevada have to get creative to secure the items before things get out of hand.

We were privy to an exclusive copy of the upcoming first issue of the series and it’s well worth the read. Whether you’re a die-hard comic book fan or just invested in the self storage industry in general, a small donation could help to sustain this very worthwhile project. The Kickstarter campaign will not release funds unless all of the money is raised. That means, it’s all or nothing. For the next 22 days, the initiative needs all the support it can get from its loyal readers.

We’ll continue to monitor for updates to the story. When the issues finally come out, be sure to stop by and share how much you love the comic!


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How much does clutter affect you?

Clutter can be a killer – literally. The amount of clutter you have – physical, social, financial and emotional can take a huge toll on your life and how you live it. According to Ranka Burzan of SOS (Solutions Organizing and Simple), we need to understand the following:

  • Container companies make it easier for us to keep a mountain of things we don’t like or use. You just have to contain and label everything and your clutter problem is solved. The clutter problem is not resolved – it’s just shifted to a different area of your home.
  • It is estimated that people lose 15-20% of their annual income due to procrastination and avoidance in making decisions about the way we live and function.
  • Unfortunately, this is true. Having too much clutter is suffocating and can stifle productivity. Where there is too much “stuff” it becomes hard to think clearly and work effectively. According to a fact sheet by the Self-Storage Association, Studies show that over 89.6% of all American households currently rent a self-storage unit. This includes individuals with homes that have extra spare bedrooms and garages, attached or detached. With so many sizes and options available, it is easy to ignore the real problem of having too much clutter, instead choosing to continue to gather and collect unnecessary items.

How does clutter accumulate?

 Our society dictates an environment of entitlement. We as individuals see things that we want, and start collecting items. Some of them may be for sentimental reasons, or because you spent a certain amount of money on it so you don’t feel the need to part with it even if you haven’t used it in a long time. We hold on to things with the plan of “eventually” using the item, even if that is not an option.

How does it affect you?

Too much clutter impacts task performance and increases stress. Physical clutter has been linked to an overload of senses, which impairs the ability to think creatively and creates a stressful environment. Even when you use social media, that sound of an email or message arriving consistently fights for your attention. The increase in digital clutter is growing by leaps and bounds, especially since the flow of information is so great.

Finding a medium between all the stressors that clutter creates will be beneficial in getting some relief. Here are a few tips to assess whether or not clutter is negatively affecting you:

  • When you walk into a room, are things so disorganized that you don’t want to be in there?
  • Do you dread cleaning up the disorganization?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of e-mail or things that you have to do on a daily basis?
  • Do you have a storage facility that you haven’t cleaned out in over a year?

If the answer to even one of these questions is yes, it’s time to reassess and re-prioritize to get some of these things off your plate and get rid of the chaos. Taking care of yourself mentally and emotionally is priority one.


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Reviewing Garage Storage Solutions: Different Types, Make Your Own, Overhead Garage Storage, Garden Tool Storage.

Finding the right type of garage storage solution can be difficult, and it can leave you with a mess in your garage or a lot of different types of storage that make the place look just as untidy as before. For a great storage system that is guaranteed to make a huge difference to your garage, I can recommend the UltiMate garage storage system that comes with 10 different units. It is quite expensive and is sold for just over $1,700 but you end up with a great looking storage unit that has so much room you might be hard pressed to find enough tools etc. to fill it. You do have to assemble the unit yourself which could take some time, so you may need someone else’s assistance, but once you have the storage you need you will be pleased with your effort.

The Inter-lock three shelf storage system that includes 3 shelves and 1 large and 1 small cabinet is much cheaper than the UltiMate garage storage system, it is smaller but it can hold a lot of tools and more so you can have a tidier garage that also has a clean and modern look. At a cost of about $390, these units are a lot easier to assemble because they interlock, so the screws and nails you usually have to deal with when you’re building storage systems are non-existent, and it makes the whole unit pretty strong too.

Make you own garage storage solutions

if you need some ideas about constructing your own storage systems then you don’t need to be an expert, you can make garage storage solutions yourself and if you need a bit of inspiration and help then this site might be able to give you what you need. It can help to give you some great ideas, and if you think that it all looks a bit too complicated or that you may not have the time then do not worry, it can help you decide what storage solutions you would like. Remember that it’s important to have a tidy and safe garage and if this means you have to pay cash to get it that way, that’s fine, especially if you end up very happy with the way it looks. is a pretty good website, it comes up with some quite novel storage solutions that you may not have thought about before and it tells you a bit about how the storage systems work, what they do and how strong they are. If you are still looking for ideas then this could be the site that helps you.

Types of garage storage solutions

There are a lot of different types of garage storage solutions and they can all be found right here this website is quite good because it goes into good detail about the specific types of storage you can get and it may help to inspire you if you are a bit stuck for ideas. You may just be thinking about different shelving units and cupboards but you can also find storage systems for bicycles and overhead storage systems too, which can save you even more space. is a good website to check out too, and it goes into quite a bit of detail that may prove to be handy. You should be prepared to be reading for a while as the site seems to go into every aspect of storage, but again, if you are short of ideas, then it’s worth reading it.

Overhead garage storage

Earlier I talked very briefly about overhead garage storage systems, and how they can save a lot of room. If this is an idea that appeals to you then the MonsterRAX overhead garage storage rack, could interest you. For approximately $250 you get a very strong system that can hold up to 600 pounds in weight, and you also have the opportunity to vary the drop, from 18 inches to 33 inches, depending on the amount of room you have spare. Storing something overhead means the material that holds your goods needs to be string and this storage rack is just that, made from industrial strength steel, you can be sure that whatever you store is safe and secure.

For a cheaper solution, the Hammertone 45 inch by 45 inch overhead storage system can work well for you at just $60. It can hold 250 pounds in weight and is made of steel wire that has been powder coated to give it extra strength and versatility. If you want to get the things that you store down easily, then you should think about putting the two shorter bars that come with the system, at the bottom, that way your things are easier to reach. You also need to make sure that you don’t over-tighten the screws as this could cause problems; you just need to find a happy medium and make sure the unit is tight enough, without in damaging the bars, while being strong enough to hold the things you store.

Garden tool storage

If you’re a bit of a gardener then you may be thinking about some garden tool storage, the Rubbermaid deluxe tool tower rack is a particularly good system and it even comes on casters so you can wheel it around if needs be. Holding up to forty tools, this rack can save you a lot of room. You may wonder if this tower rack is strong enough to hold that many tools and I can assure you it is and that the casters make it easy to maneuver around too. At just under $50, you will get a great deal for your money.

The Holeyrail Garage Organizer is excellent if you want to hang your tools up on the wall, not only is this a great way to keep your garage tidy, but it saves a lot of room too. With the capacity to hold up to 600 pounds in weight and a very easy installation process, this organizer is affordable (Sold for about $25) and easy to use, both indoors and out. You should be aware that the required ‘Pegs’ to build this system are not always included with the product, and you may have to buy them separately, so it’s always worth asking if they come with the Holeyrail Garage Organizer that you’re thinking of purchasing.


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I like to think of myself as an open minded person.  My spouse is one as well, that is why we get along and complement each other.

We each learned the art of compromise from our parents, different styles in teaching of course, but we work things out in a very diplomatic way.  If I’m stressed about work or the kids or whatever, he calms me down and vice versa.

There are exceptions to every rule, especially when life events pop up with no advance notice.  Let me tell you how Storage Station of Wayne, helped me when one of those events reared its head on what was supposed to be a rare day off.

My husband and I had just moved to a new home in Wayne NJ, his parent’s home state, due to his job relocating.  I hadn’t realized the amount of stuff we had accumulated in our home until I had to pack it all up in to boxes.  Lots and lots of boxes!  The movers moved the boxes and delivered them and I had them piled in accordance to how they were labeled.  That is where they were on this particular day.

It was a quiet Friday morning.  I had the kids off to their new school, my husband was at work, I was in my kitchen enjoying a cup of coffee, I didn’t feel like unpacking any boxes that day, so I was thinking, life is good.  Then I heard my cell phone ringing in the other room.  I didn’t want to ruin my moment so I figured I’d let it go to voice mail.  Then it began to ring again.  I gave up and ran to answer it.

My husband says I need to delete some messages, my voice-mail is full then lets me know his parents were traveling that weekend and were going to stop and stay at our house overnight to get a fresh start for their trip the following morning.  I said, “Your parents are coming?!? When?!?” His reply was something like they’ll be there by 5ish.   I couldn’t even get a solid time of arrival out of him. So much for my quiet day off.

As the realization to the enormity of the situation rushed over me like a crashing Jersey shore wave, time seemed to stand still.  I looked around me and the boxes were everywhere.  There was bubble wrap and peanuts and paper strewn about the house.  I was in no mood to clean it up and I was all by myself.  What was I going to do?

I needed help so I reached out to a newly acquired neighbor for ideas on how to handle the situation.  She recommended I contact Storage Station of Wayne, located at 2354 Hamburg Turnpike, Wayne, NJ.  I looked online at and found their phone number, 862-377-6593, and gave them a call.  I had never used self-storage before, so I took the managers offer to take a tour and went to the facility.  The knowledgeable staff helped and guided me through what I thought of as a nightmare.

I told the manager what I had to store and he showed me a storage unit that was conveniently located on the first floor.  I wasn’t storing any furniture or clothing of any kind so I did not need a climate controlled unit.  Storage Station of Wayne also has numerous entrances on their first floor, so there were a variety of paths for me to get to my unit.  I was shown where there were carts and dollies so I didn’t have to carry my boxes to the storage unit.

When I was told we had to go to the main office to complete some paperwork, I thought it would be a lengthy process, but I was wrong. My cell phone began to ring, it was my husband, but I quickly put it on vibrate, figuring I’d get back to him later.  It took about fifteen minutes for the manager to go through the month-to-month rental agreement with me.  He explained in detail how to use my own personal pin number to use at the access key pads to enter and exit the facility if I visited during the non-office hours.  If I needed to get to my unit during their office hours, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, 10:00 am to 2:00 pm on Saturdays, the gates are open for quick and convenient access.  I bought my lock in the main office and, believe it or not, I needed a few more boxes that I purchased as well.

In the midst of all this I was still trying to think how I was going to transport all these boxes and I figured out that with my minivan, it would take me about 10 trips back and forth to get what I needed from my house to the unit.  The Storage Station of Wayne manager then asked me if I needed a truck to do my move and that he would be able to get me one at a discounted rate because I was using it to move my items into their facility.  That would mean I could get all the boxes and other items to the facility in one trip.  I was elated.

When I pulled up in front of my house with the moving truck, I could feel the vibration of my phone in my pocketbook and I was going to answer it, but my neighbor who referred me to Storage Station of Wayne was outside with her husband and teenaged son.  They walked over immediately and said they were here to help me move.  She said it was a better “welcome to the neighborhood” gift than a bundt cake.  It sure was!
With their help I was done in two and a half hours.  My home was free of boxes and I still had time to do some touch ups before I had to get to the grocery store, pick up my kids from school and start dinner.  I had invited my new neighbors and new best friends to come for dinner, but they gave me a rain check.
Although I believe my in-laws would not have been judgmental or even cared that the house was a mess, it was a matter of self- esteem for me to have the house and the room they were to stay in, neat and cozy.

When my husband came home from work and saw what I had accomplished and why, I could tell right away he was proud of me.  I also told him we have new best friends who will be over for dinner some time that week.  He then walked over to the couch and sat down with a bit of a worried look on his face.  I asked what the matter was and he reminded me he told me to erase my voice messages from my phone because it was full and I couldn’t be mad.  I completely forgot!  He then proceeded to tell me his parents had changed their plans and were NOT coming.

I couldn’t even be upset.  I began to laugh and he just stared at me with a puzzled look on his face.  Under normal circumstances, my ordeal that day would have had me frazzled.  Dealing with the professional staff at Storage Station of Wayne, made the experience a pleasant one.

Thank you Storage Station!

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YOUR PARENTS ARE COMING?!? brought to you by : Storage Station Self Storage and Storage Blog


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