Sunday, July 20, 2014

Come One, Come All, Get Here Before The Fall

As I sit here in the main office of Storage Station of Toms River, the annual parade of summer visitors to the Jersey Shore has commenced, with cars blaring music as they drive by my self storage facility, headed for some fun in the sun on the beach.  People in bathing suits sing along to all of their favorite summer time jams, ready to enjoy another summer on the boardwalk, enjoying the games and rides, as well as sitting on the beach getting a tan.  Many of these visitors have saved their money all year long in order to come down to the shore and rent a house where all their friends can come to blow off steam and enjoy themselves.

Summer tourist income is big business down here at the Jersey shore.  Our community relies on this annual influx of population in order to sustain us throughout the rest of the year.  Whether it be the proceeds of renting out our beach house, or the money earned by the guy running the hot dog cart, this increase in business benefits us all.  If we’re lucky, it’ll be another long, hot and sunny summer, with great beach weather to help bring everyone out and spending money on food and games on the board walk.  With that being said, every summer does come to an end, and while we are ramping up for another great summer of fun, I am already preparing for the fall.

In my line of work, while I do love listening to everything from today’s hip hop and r & b as it shakes the windows of my office, located at 25 James Street in Toms River New Jersey, I am already planning for the end of the season, making sure I am ready to help all of my customers get ready for next year.  I’m not looking forward to summer being over, cause lord knows it’s just starting, but there are lots of items that I need to get ready in order to make sure that while all of the local businesses are enjoying another profitable summer, they can be ready to do it all again next year.

At the end of every summer, just as sure as the weather will turn cold, each of the local businesses are faced with challenges that the normal every day tourist doesn’t see.  They don’t know all of the work that goes into getting everything ready, they just know that Joe’s hot dog cart is located at the end of the boardwalk every year.  They don’t see what Joe has to do each fall when there are no more hot dogs to serve or sodas to sell.  They don’t see what Mr. and Mrs. Jones have to do each year to their summer beach house in order to make sure that everything is up and ready for next year’s parties and hot tub sessions.  The tourists go home, and we the Toms River community, are left to get everything secured and prepared for a long cold winter.

Each year, our local small business owners have equipment, supplies, tools, and various other items that they won’t be using for the next 6 months or so, and are faced with the daunting task of what to do with everything.  For those of you who have never been down to the boardwalk in late fall or during the winter, it’s much quieter.  All of the familiar sights and sounds of the summer give way to the sound of the tide coming in and out, while the cold wind blows in off the Atlantic.  All of the items that just a few short months ago signified the joys of summer are gone.  Joe’s hot dog cart is gone, all the tables and chairs which were out front of your favorite bar and grill have been removed, and the booths that you won that stuffed animal at is boarded up and gone.

These items along with countless other have all been tucked away to make sure they are ready for next year.  We here at Storage Station take pride in helping to get this done.  Many of our tenants are those exact same business owners who rely on us to store everything they need to help deliver that great Jersey shore experience year after year.  With a wide variety of self storage units here on James Street, we can offer all of our tenants units that meet their individual storage needs, no matter how big or how small.  Joe’s hot dog cart needs a home during the winter months, and what better place to store it then one of our 5 foot by 10 foot units.  He gets the added piece of mind know that his primary source of income is stored securely, without having to lug it home, and will be ready the day the weather gets warm enough to get back out there.   The local boardwalk eateries love using our storage units to tuck away all of the tables and chairs that they won’t need until next years’ tourist season, and what better way to do that then by storing them here with us in a 10 foot by 20 foot unit.  Not having to replaces their seating due to the damage that a harsh Jersey shore winter can cause saves the company money.

Not only boardwalk business owners utilize our self storage facility.  Many of the local home owners take advantage of our facility as well.  As in any  area with expanded seasonal population, most specifically those located near beaches with summer homes that are vacant 5 plus months a year, securing your items safely is of a major concern.  Each fall and winter, I see local handymen going from house to house, winterizing the rental properties in preparation for the long winter months.  Inevitably, they houses will sit unoccupied for months, allowing for things to be damaged or go missing while there’s no one around to address it.  Many of our local home owners attempt to curb this by renting self storage units here with Storage Station, allowing them to remove any items they choose and storing them off site.

Storage Station has some video cameras which help keep a watchful eye over the storage units, and with an employee in the office during normal business hours, many of our tenants will call in from time to time, at 732 573 6354, just to check in on things.  So as the dog days of summer get ready to set it, we here at Storage Station of Toms River are already preparing units and options to help our local community meet all of their self storage needs.  Stop by and see if we can help you too.

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