Monday, July 21, 2014

Could Your Self Storage Facility Benefit from an Updated Design

Think self storage facilities are all boring, run-of-the-mill buildings? Think again. What if we told you that it’s possible to have a modern and up-to-date self storage facility that will leave your customers in awe. The days of the traditional self storage facility are quickly disappearing and replacing them are offices that resemble retail stores.

One self storage facility in Torrance, CA has set a groundbreaking trend in the self storage facility with its innovative design that is modeled on a Boston waterfront property. Over a 10-year span, Magellan Storage evolved from a quaint self storage facility to a retail powerhouse with an exceptional design both on the inside and outside.

Designed by Jordan Architects Inc., the facility has large windows, lush landscaping, and the signs on the property all receive artistic treatment. “The project was designed to be ‘user-friendly’ and has as a warm, secure interior office feel,” Bruce Jordan, president of Jordan Architects Inc. Wondering what is the reason for the shift towards modern designs? Though no one knows for sure, Jordan speculates that it may have something to do with the fact that 60 percent of self-storage rental agreements are signed by women and the office designs are meant to target potential customers.

Magellan isn’t the only self storage facility that is branching out into new architectural designs that are not typically seen in the self storage industry. According to Charles Plunkett, founder and CEO of Capco Steel Inc., “Facilities are incorporating more complex designs, varying the types of building materials and their integration in the overall look.”

The new designs are not only limited to buildings; parking has undergone a facelift as well. Since facilities are limited to following the municipal ordinances when designing parking spaces, there is still room to incorporate elements of modern design that still comply with parking regulations. For instance, Terry Campbell, executive vice president of operations and vice president of sales and marketing for BETCO Inc., suggests putting a little extra paint that will complement the building’s deign but is still in compliance with parking codes.

A modern design for your self storage facility can certainly increase the “wow” factor when a customer steps in. Since customer referrals are a big part of the self storage business, having a facility that impresses customers is a sure way to drum up more business. Even if a redesign isn’t in the budget for your facility for the near future, you can always update the look with some modern furniture.


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