Sunday, July 20, 2014

Different Types of Self-Storage Options

When thinking about a self-storage facility, most people think about the climate-controlled unit in a tall building with at least three floors and that’s it. Most people do not realize that there is an entire world of specialty units available to the general public to meet all of their needs. In addition, most self-storage facilities offer amenities that can assist in making the transition of your things a little bit smoother.

Let’s take a look at the options available. All of the units come in various sizes to accommodate client needs:

  • Climate-controlled

This is an indoor unit that is regulated by one temperature.

  • Refrigerated

This is a colder unit that can house goods that need to be kept at a colder level than room temperature.

  • Wine

This unit keeps wine regulated at certain levels based on the type of wine being stored.

Storage for your vehicle and can be indoor or outdoor, depending on the facility.

  • Boat

Storage for your boat and can be indoor or outdoor.

  • Outside

Units that are accessible from the outside but may be attached to the main building.

  • Drive-up

Units that are accessible from the outside and by driving your vehicle up to the unit.

  • Portable

A unit that can be dropped off to your location, loaded and then transported to your facility for storing.

Most facilities have embraced the technology of the 21st century and now have multiple social media options. When considering why you need a self-storage unit, you may want to personalize your space to make it worth your efforts. If you are a business with a lot of documents, using containers to house and organize your things may be the best solution. As a business, you also want to make sure you have all your documents in order to be able to write off that expense at the end of the year. This will ensure you are taking the necessary steps to keep your business in the black.

Self-storage is used by individuals and businesses more than you know. Student storage is also a popular option in cities where students are plentiful. Being able to offer discounts and incentives can work well for the facility and the student. Knowing the types of storage options available can be invaluable, especially when needed. Companies that effectively market their units and the types of storage options they offer can quickly advance to the next level in their business model.

By understanding the different types of storage units available all over the country, potential customers can breathe easy knowing there are solutions to meet their needs. By working in conjunction with a company that can provide assistance and direct you to other companies that offer items to help move your relocation along, moving can be a breeze. Incentives such as online bill payment and account maintenance are also helpful time savers. The world of self-storage has changed to accommodate the customer in every way. Now that you know, you’ll be able to make better choices.


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