Thursday, July 10, 2014

Forum Post: Sassy Pants: FM Complaints

You know the drill. A facility occupant approaches you with a bizarre complaint and you maintain professional composure, letting them know that you will look into the matter. Perhaps, behind closed doors, you will share with colleagues your more colorful take on the situation.

And then there are these FMs, who seem to have their sassy pants on. No one reported any negative repercussions from their witty retorts, so I thought I would share these FM complaints stories sent in by Building Operating Management readers as a sort of collective vindication. If these snappy comebacks are what they actually said to the tenants, I can only imagine what was really going through their minds! Enjoy!

"Complaint:  'There is a baby deer lying in the grass.'  Tech comments:  'You are correct, there is a baby deer lying in the grass.  It appears this is what baby deer do.  We have corresponded with the mother of this particular deer and expect that it will grow up to have its babies also lie in the grass.  Please be advised that these baby deer may also at times lie in the woods.  Thank you.'"

"Two associates working in the beauty salon called me one day. One said she was hot and her girlfriend, standing next to her, was freezing cold. They wanted to know what I was going to do about it. I told them to just hug each other. A little humor changed the situation and we looked into their compliant. Never have gotten another call from them."

"We once received an emergency work order (highest priority) to turn around the toilet paper roll because it was installed backwards.  Our response was 'Toilet paper roll direction is a matter of personal preference and may depend on multiple critical life safety issues such as whether or not you have a kitten on the lose.'"

Do any of you have similar stories of when you spoke your mind instead of holding your tongue in light of a crazy occupant complaint? Do tell! Send me an email at, or post it yourself in this forum.




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