Saturday, July 19, 2014

Hello, it’s me again!

The other day I was having my morning coffee in the main office of Storage Station of Wayne, a current tenant of ours, Carla, came through my door and hurriedly announced, “Hi, it’s me again!”

I replied with my own good morning, invited her to have a seat and relax with a cup of hot coffee.  She looked like she needed it and by the speed of which she took a seat, she did.  Over coffee, she explained how hectic her life had become over the past few weeks and she was here to find something in her storage unit, which after a few months of neglect, had become as messy as a large soft serve ice cream on a 90 degree summers day!  That sounded pretty messy, I replied with a sympathetic laugh.

Carla was considering getting a larger storage unit so she could move her belongings and have more room to get to them.  I asked her to bring me up to her unit and show it to me, maybe I could help with a suggestion or two.  When Carla opened her unit door, I was expecting to see more of a hoarding situation by the way she described it.  That couldn’t have been further from reality.

I mentioned to Carla that if she were to get a second self-storage unit near her original unit, she could take a few weeks or longer, to regroup the items in her original unit by moving items out and restructuring them back in.  Since the leases run month-to-month, she wasn’t obligated to have the second unit for any long period of time.  The faster she organized, the less time the second unit would be needed.

Here at Storage Station of Wayne, located at 2354 Hamburg Turnpike, Wayne, NJ, 07470, we strive to help our tenants save time and money and learn how to use self-storage productively.  You can call our main office at 862-377-6593 or go to our website at

Carla had moved into her self-storage unit with the help of a few friends and a rented moving truck.  The last things on the moving truck were boxes and the first things they put in the storage unit were those same boxes.  I explained that she needed to rotate her storage unit because the things she needed to get to, like the boxes, were in the back and the things she didn’t need to get to, like her couch, were in the front.  She agreed and we found her a smaller unit close by.   Carla was able to utilize the carts and dollies we have for our tenants at Storage Station of Wayne, to transport some items to the new smaller unit.  This gave her ample room to go through her items, which also gave her time to remember what she had in there to begin with.  Carla’s move had to be made in quite a hurry and she didn’t have time to reflect on what items went where and in what box.

Being a manager of a self-storage facility, I hear this tale a lot.  The boxes are filled the truck gets filled then the self-storage unit gets filled.  The idea is to go through it all, once the items are in storage.  Not right away though.  Then it’s a few months later and something that went into storage needs to be found.  Where is it? Which box is it in?

Going through her unit carefully, Carla found some things she needed, found what she originally needed and found some knick-knacks that she wanted.  She also found some things she didn’t want or need and had them picked up for donations to a local charity. This made even more room in her original storage unit.  Her boxes didn’t need to be stacked so high and there was room in the unit to move around.

She was able to sweep the floor and dust her shelving units as she moved her larger heavier boxes closer to the floor and the lighter smaller boxes were put atop tables and chairs.  A few of the boxes needed to be replaced because they were crushed during her original move, so Carla came to the main office where we sell boxes and other supplies.  She precisely labeled the boxes as to what was in them so the next time she needed something out of the boxes, she knew where to look.

The couch that once hindered her unit entrance was safely tucked in the back corner vertically, as to utilize the height of the storage unit to her advantage.  I sold Carla two queen mattress covers from the main office to keep her mattress and box spring dust free.  Also in the back of the storage unit were her large kitchen and laundry appliances, neatly wrapped in old blankets and sheets, adhered with duct tape.

The entire project took Carla 2 months to complete.   She came during all her spare time to get her belongings in order, even after hours because at Storage Station of Wayne, Carla has 24 hour, 7 day a week access to her storage unit.  She wasn’t bound by any time limit set by us, she came when it was convenient for her.

I could have rented Carla that larger storage unit she asked for that day she came in my office frazzled by her life obligations.  I suppose some businesses would rather have the rented the extra square footage, but by giving our customers exceptional customer service, we are guaranteeing not only the continued business of our current tenants, but referral business from their friends, family, business associates, etc.

I see Carla on a daily basis now.  She opened up a business nearby recently and is using an outdoor non-climate controlled storage unit for her company supplies.  I don’t go so far as to say I saved Carla from anything.  I treated her like I treat all of our customers at Storage Station of Wayne.   It’s just that now when Carla comes in the main office and says, “Hello, it’s me again!” it is just to say hello and have a cup of coffee, I guess I make good coffee!

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