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How one company made an eye-catching marketing video for less than $1,000

Want to produce an attention-grabbing video for less than $1,000? Then look to the folks at Boerne, TX-based On The Move, which leases and sells commercial trucks for the self-storage business and other industries.

On The Move’s under-$1,000 video parodies Kia Soul car commercials that feature three larger-than-life dancing hamsters.

“My boss thought the Kia commercial was cute and bought a hamster costume. I then had to think of a way to make the costume relevant to our product,” said CJ Steen, marketing director at On The Move.

‘Our customers love it’

Steen figured the commercials’ tune, “The Choice Is Yours” by Black Sheep, would be a “funny fit” to compare On The Move with one of its competitors, U-Haul. On The Move’s video shows a hamster being happy with an On The Move truck but Bigfoot being unhappy with a U-Haul truck. The video plays up the song’s signature lyric—“You can get with this, or you can get with that.”

Aside from the video being posted to On The Move’s YouTube channel, the company shows it at Self Storage Association and Inside Self-Storage trade shows.

“Our customers love it,” Steen said.

Video on a shoestring budget

Videography, costumes and truck rental for the project cost less than $1,000, Steen said.

“I found a great videographer who was paying his way through school and was more than reasonably priced,” she said. “We ordered the costumes on eBay.”

On The Move

Brian Rashid, national sales director at On The Move, portrayed Bigfoot.

As for the actors, they worked for free. The company’s director of food trucks, Robert Mikalonis, portrayed the hamster, while the national sales director, Brian Rashid, filled the role of Bigfoot. Noemi Gonzales, the company’s title and registration associate, and Steen played the “hamster girls.”

“Asking or forcing your staff to participate saves money rather than hiring actors,” Steen said.

Video victories

Steen said the 49-second video has bolstered On The Move’s three-year reign as the Inside Self-Storage Best of Business winner in the truck leasing/rental category.

“It also stirred up some controversy and got our name out there,” she said. “And it built employee morale internally, which is always great.”

Fourth of July fireworks

Although On The Move completed the video last year, the company still is getting mileage out of it. The company embedded the YouTube video in a recent email promoting an “extended” Fourth of July offer.

“While the boss is away, the mice will play!” the email declares.

The email goes on to explain that On the Move’s sales team is offering to reserve a 2015 truck at 2014 prices while the boss is on vacation.

“Our boss, Susan Nash, really is on vacation. She is on an island in Michigan with little to no cellphone reception,” Steen said. “We’re not in trouble yet!”

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