Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Instagram Rolls Out New Ad System

When Facebook first bought Instagram for $2 billion in 2012, many speculated not as to how it would institute ads but when. Users of the picture sharing social networking sites knew that it was only a matter of time before advertisers would want a piece of the prime consumer pie that was available on Instagram. Well, for those who pondered – the time is finally here – Instagram has started rolling out its first set of ads. Taco Bell has been one of the first companies so far to place an ad on Instagram with the company promoting its new Waffle Tacos.

Many companies will be making a push to get advertisements on Instagram and if you operate a self storage facility, you should be among those who are seriously considering it as well. How can your self storage facility make the most of the new ad system? Well, for starters, there is sufficient evidence to show that people are very visual creatures and respond more positively to images than simply words. You can use Instagram ads to get images of your facility onto the timelines of persons who previously may have never interacted with your brand.

Initially, there seems to be some concern in how successful these ads will be since there has already been resistance by Instagram users. Initial reactions on Taco Bell’s ad have been largely negative with persons expressing everything from mild annoyance to outrage at the idea that ads would now be displayed without their consent. When planning ads for Instagram, try to make them as personal as possible. You’ll have to get creative in terms of marketing your facility in such a way that you communicate the features creatively but also doesn’t seem like spam to the consumer. Instagram even expresses that the aim here is to make the ads shown as natural as the pictures its users already enjoy from their favorite brands

Instagram has indicated that sponsored posts will have a special icon on them in order for users to distinguish ads from the rest of their feed. It is important to note that it is also possible to hide the ads. The Instagram ad system has the potential to be a very powerful tool since it determines which ads to show based on data from Facebook. While Instagram doesn’t ask its users for many personally identifiable details, Facebook sure does – it is an advertiser’s dream when it comes to collecting personal details about a person. This data can then be used to construct ads that are specifically tailored to certain demographics.

If you will be exploring the use of ads on Instagram, we suggest starting small at first and targeting people within your immediate zip code. Similar to Facebook ads, it is likely that Instagram will have a targeting system that allows people to specify things like the age and location of persons who should see the ad. Based on the response you receive from local targeting, you can then make the decision about whether or not it would be feasible to continue this campaign on a larger level. It will be interesting to see how businesses use these ads to tell the story of their brand.


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