Friday, July 25, 2014

Laziness Does Not Pay Off

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When you walk into a self storage facility, what do you want to see? Ok this could be a lot of different things so let’s be specific. When you walk into a self storage facility what do you expect to see the property manager doing? Some would say cleaning up, doing paperwork, helping other customers or making sure they have an up to date vacancy list. All these would be acceptable answers but what wouldn’t be an acceptable answer is sitting down doing nothing, which some customers walk in and see. A lazy property manager is never a good look for any company.

Sitting on your bottom does not look like you are ready to help anyone. The manager that is sitting down could be the most well versed manager on the planet but the customer will be automatically turned off if they do not greet them properly. If you are a property manager give the customer the respect they deserve and get out of your chair and greet the customer. They deserve to have your best foot forward. Unfortunately just like in any retail environment there are some people who are just looking to do the bare minimum in order to get by and still get paid.

Some property managers count on being in an area in which their regional manager or owner does not come by and visit much. They feel that they might be able to do a little less since there is not anyone over their shoulders at all times. Now with that said, it is very hard still to slack off because if you are not renting units, the upper management will still see that, then they could visit more because of that. So the property manager would just be doing their selves a big favor if they just go ahead and do their best in order to help the company out to their best ability.

No one is saying that being a property manager is an easy job because it is not. They do have a lot of responsibilities. If they are running the facility by their selves then they really have a lot on their plate. No one is saying that it is not ok to relax and sit down a little from time to time, but get up and greet or go meet the customer when they are in view. Just think how much more the customer would appreciate a manager or facility if they came outside to greet them as they pulled up. Then there wouldn’t be that barrier between you and the customer called a desk.

Laziness never pays off in the self storage industry. This industry is founded by people who were go getters. They would employ people who were similar to them and would do a great job in getting the customer to feel comfortable about renting with them. They would be sitting down on the job regardless of how they felt or if the customer said it was ok. As a property manager you have a small business you are running. It is hard to run when you are sitting down.

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