Sunday, July 20, 2014

New Year's Resolutions for Your Self Storage Business

As yet another year comes to a close, the opportunity arises to assess the performance of your self storage business’ marketing strategy and explore which areas can be improved. To do this, it is recommended that you have access to the previous year’s plan and use that as a guideline to determine where you are in terms of achieving stated goals and objectives. Here are a few things you should resolve to implement into your marketing strategy for 2014:

Set goals each and every year – It is nearly impossible to carry out a marketing strategy if you do not have goals you want to achieve. When self storage marketing campaigns, also have a purpose in mind. Do you customers to visit your website or like your page on Facebook? Whatever the case may be, write these goals out ahead of time so that you can have something to evaluate at the end of the year.

Start filling in your marketing calendar – The beginning of the year is a perfect time to start putting down important dates on your marketing calendar. If you will be offering certain self storage discounts throughout the year such as specials during Easter or Independence Day, put these on the calendar. By clearly marking these off, you will know at what point you should start sending out marketing messages for these discounts and specials.

Offer more transparency - With the prevalence of the Internet, customers are demanding to know as much as possible about a business before they engage in business with it. If you have a self storage website, list opening hours, locations and contact information as prominently as possible. Having to hunt down this kind of information can lead a potential customer to become frustrated and take his or her business elsewhere. If possible, also put pictures of employees on the website. This creates a greater sense of trust when customers know that they will be interacting with real people when contacting your self storage facility.

Make commitment to do more networking – The more involved you are in the self storage community, the greater your connections will be. Reach out not only to customers, but also to your peers in the industry. Building these relationships and connections can strengthen your self storage brand even further through partnerships. You could find others in the industry to team up with in order to diversify what your self storage business offers or even just to bounce a few ideas off one another.

2014 will bring along with it lots of new adventures in the self storage industry. If you enter it with a game plan, then there is nothing that will be thrown your way that will be too hard to handle. Remember that there is nothing wrong with getting rid of marketing ideas that did not work in the previous year and swapping them out with something fresh and new. The lack of success of a particular self storage marketing venture does not indicate failure. Instead it should serve as a blueprint for how to create another, more successful plan. Happy New Year from those of us at


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