Thursday, July 10, 2014

Self Storage Heads Underground with Citadel Caverns

If you closely follow the world of self storage then you’re well aware that there have been several new developments that keep adding to the growing industry. From advancements in technology that makes storing things as simple as downloading an app to the recent popularity of self storage auctions – it is an exciting time for the self storage industry. So, what’s next? How about taking storage underground? It may sound a bit strange at first but that is exactly what Citadel Cavern is doing.

Located underground in a former limestone mine in Atchinson, Kansas, Citadel Caverns is offering secure, climate controlled storage underground. Though the facility is commonly referred to as a cave, it is actually a stable limestone mine with 2.7 million square feet. The cave actually dates back as far as 1886 when George W. Kerford began to quarry limestone from the large bluff south of Atchinson.

In July 1944, the Kerford Quarry Company ceased mining operations and leased the facility to the U.S. government for $20,000 per year. It remained in the possession of the government until April 2013 when it was sold for $510,000 in a GSA Auction to Coby Cullins, a business man from Springfield, Massachusetts. Since the sale, Citadel Caverns has been seeking interested persons and businesses that are interested in further developing the property.

Citadel Caverns seems to be an excellent option for self storage since the underground location adds an extra layer of security and access is easier to control. As a former military facility, there is bound to be several security measures already put in place to prevent unauthorized access. There is also already more than enough space with 2.7 million square feet and there is less likelihood of damage from the natural elements such as rain. On the other hand, the location might pose a problem in the event of an earthquake or flood.

While Citadel Cavern is unique, the concept of underground self storage is not entirely new. Smart Storage in Kansas City offers underground self storage and touts it as a “smart” alternative to above ground storage. The company claims its underground location preserves the earth’s fuel with a natural moderate climate and requires no cooling or heating.

If Citadel Caverns takes off, then we might see more self storage facilities following in this path. We certainly find this concept intriguing and look forward to seeing exactly where it goes. Would you rent an underground self storage unit? Comment and let us know!


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