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Spring Has Sprung!

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Wow!  It’s been a long, cold winter!  One to definitely remember!

And as we are slowly re-awakening from our long winter’s nap, we are looking around at the world and noticing a few things.  The days are longer.  The temperature is warmer.  The anticipation of the “carefree” summer months  make us happy.  Yes, there is really grass out there and as the snow melts and uncovers lawn furniture, lawn ornaments and other outside objects, we re-discover that Spring sometimes means Spring Cleaning!
Inside we start to feel this too!  It can be amazing how quick and easy it is to accumulate “stuff” from the holidays, gifts, and just storing everyday things.  The clutter grows ever so gently, or maybe not so “gently”.  Trying to find a home for decorations can be a job in itself! Not just from the Holidays and New Year, but for all the Valentine’s Day stuff as well.  Spring Cleaning can take on many meanings!

As we start to look around and discover how much “stuff” we actually have, we start to wonder where we are going to put it!  Space can be a hot commodity!  If there are things that you find you won’t be using or don’t have an immediate need for but want to keep, and space at your residence is at a minimum, renting a unit at a self-storage facility can be a smart alternative.

Trying to find homes for winter clothing, boots, outdoor sporting goods, such as: skis, sleds, snowboards, snowmobiles and snow removal equipment can be quite the task.  Not only do they take up a lot of room, but can be quite cumbersome to maneuver around without the possibility of getting hurt!  And with all spring cleaning, we move our stuff around and change things too.  Out with the dark, heavy winter weight comforters and drapes and in with the lighter, more airy fabrics and accessories. Out come the wind-chimes, flags and birdhouses!

Trying to find places to put your “stuff” can be overwhelming to some. Trying to locate all the stuff you put away from the prior season can be a project.  However, being organized can help this situation immensely.  Knowing where your seasonal stuff is and where it can be accessed easily   Not all of us have large garages, sheds or basements that can house all our “stuff”.  Storage Station in West Milford can be a smart option.  As an added feature, there is 24 hour access with some of our units.

Personally speaking, my family has a lot of “stuff”.  We have a small detached garage that houses tools, a motorcycle, a snow-blower, a mini-bike, a fridge, tool chests, assorted shovels, brooms and a lot of miscellaneous items that we can’t give up.

We have 3 closets in our entire house and no basement.  We have a front porch and a back deck.  We try to cover our patio furniture as best as we can and store our warmer weather decorations outdoors under a tarp or stored under an overhang against a wall.

Every year, when I uncover them from their winter’s nap, some will just not make it.  With disappointment and sadness I have to throw away something I liked or enjoyed.  And the cost of replacing these things can add up!

Also, I owned a retail business that is not operating anymore.  I have loads of “stuff” that needs a place to go.  I have items I need to keep but don’t need to look at them each and every day.  Excess inventory and supplies, files and even luggage!  I just want to know where they are and if I need them, I can get at them easily.

I have sentimental items from family that does not fit my décor or just doesn’t fit in my tiny house.  I want to keep these items.  Finding a place to keep them is another story.

As George Carlin once ranted and entertained us about “stuff” (and we all laughed because it was so true!), one can’t argue that we naturally want and seek to acquire more stuff.  And even if you know you don’t NEED it, you want it and you have to keep it.

Sometimes I get the chance to see what people store.  I look at the “stuff” and wonder why they want to keep it! But as I mentioned before, people have attachment to stuff for various reasons and needs.  It’s a very personal thing!  Sometimes you can get a picture of that person’s life just from looking at what they store!  Sometimes it is house hold goods and necessities.  Sometimes it’s recreational equipment, sometimes it is business equipment or tools.  When family moves or a loved one passes away, there can be a need for storage.  You never know what you will find in a storage unit.  If you ever watched the many shows that are popping up on television about storage units and their contents, you will agree that people put a lot of different things in storage units.  And you can definitely see the need for a place to put your “stuff”!

Do we need more “stuff”? That’s a good question!  Some people get enjoyment when they shop for more stuff.  Some people like to trade their stuff for new stuff.  Some people like to get rid of their stuff and start over.  Do we ever know when we have too much stuff?  I love my stuff!  It took me a long time to collect my stuff.  I travelled far and wide to acquire my stuff and it means a lot to me.  I would not want to lose my stuff.  I have collections of stuff.  I organize them by sorting them into groups of similar stuff.  I weed out the old and not so important stuff.  I need a place to keep all my stuff!

Getting back to Spring and Spring Cleaning, I also think that after winter is gone and the Earth wakes up from being in a dormant state, there is a great sense of renewal and a desire to start fresh.  The flowers start to bloom and the birds come back and sing.  The world gets more colorful!  You become more energetic and your mood changes for the better!  The days are longer and there is more time to do things. The winter doldrums disappear.

Everything gets brighter!  Your mood is elevated.  You get the desire to clean up and sort and organize.  We seek change and renewal.  It’s time to clean up our act! Everything has its place.  Or maybe it doesn’t.  That’s where we at Storage Station come in!

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