Thursday, July 10, 2014

Storage Station

Have you ever looked in your garage or your attic or that room that someday you will turn into useful space, you have always intended to do it but for one reason or another it just did not happen. Well, there is an answer. What is it, you ask yourself, should I throw it away, no I really want these things, give it to charity, that’s a nice thought, help someone less fortunate, have a garage sale, but then again I would not want to part with some of these things I accumulated, some have memories, some are still very useful, but I really need the space.

Who should I call? Let me look at the internet and see who is in the area, Storage Station.

Looks like they have 2 different locations in the area; that is very convenient Which one is closer,29 Flint Road or 25 James Street, one is in Toms River and the other South Toms River? Are the hours something that fits my schedule? It says here, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, 9 AM to 4:30 PM. What about Saturday, 10 AM to 2:30PM.

It seems like a very smart solution, should I call them, let me see what the number is. It says here Flint Road 732-573-6353 and James Street 732-573-6354.I think I will get more information.

Hello Storage Station Patrick speaking how may I help you?

I was on the internet and saw your storage facility and wanted some more information,

Thank you for the call sir whatever questions you have I will be more than happy to answer. What are the prices? We have many different size units if you can give me an idea of what you would like to store I will be able to give you the correct information,
also we have monthly specials which are a great value. I have some exercise equipment, odds and ends nothing too big just a lot of clutter I want to store.

Do you have mattresses, big furniture, washing machine or dryer ?

No nothing like that. According to the information you gave me a 10’ x10’ sounds like it might be the right size, but that of course is an educated guess, if you have the time and would like to set an appointment with me, I will show you the different sizes and you will be able to tell which will suit your needs. Maybe I better come down what hours are you available, What ever is convenient for you sir, I will be here until 4:30 PM today, do you have the time today or will tomorrow after 9:00 AM be better? I have time today in about an hour, I will look forward to meeting you sir, see you in one hour.

Arriving a little early, I greeted him and promptly started my tour of units; a 10’ x10’ which I suggested was the first stop. Then I suggested we look at an 8’x10’ so he could make a comparison and explained this is why I am happy he came to visit so he can see what would properly work for him.

Switching gears, yesterday which was Thursday, busy, day flew by, had a good rental, people paying the rent, the usual customers calling with various questions about their units. Friday was working with a customer about auto pay.  He said that’s convenient sign me up. He really like the fact that with auto pay he would always be on time and not have to think about it on a monthly basis. It was just one more thing that could be off his mind. I always like it when we can make a customer’s life a little easier.

Saturday, fairly busy, customers paying their rent…. outside, weed killer was being put down and the driveways were being blown clean.

Another month is ending and a new one is getting ready to begin. Of course that means we’ll have a big flurry of payments over the next couple of weeks. It’s amazing how bust it actually gets around this time of the month.

As with any sales transaction communication is key. We like to walk our customers through the process so they feel comfortable storing with us. We point out key aspects of the rental agreement and try to answer any questions that they may have. One of the additional items offered by the facilities is tenant’s insurance,

While there are other outlets where you purchase coverage, the policy offered is inexpensive and offers a great value…like all insurance, you never really want it but when you need it you sure are  happy you have it. With the parking spots it is different since there is no coverage offered under the renter’s policy. Obviously then there’s no reason to purchase this coverage when renting for vehicle storage. You can always check with your insurance agent to see what would appropriate.

The goal for a self storage facility is to provide an affordable storage option for residential and business customers and any others like students and military personnel. There are many locations to choose from and we hope that we have  that formula that makes all customers feel  they’ve gotten a good value for their dollar.

June is starting to pick up now, better late then never. I would enjoy having a strong second half, I like when things are hectic since that is what I am used too. It can never get too crazy for me, the more the better.

In closing my first ever blog, very interesting, you would think over one thousand words would easy for a guy who made his living all his life talking, but it is quite hard, a lot of thought and effort went into this, so I hope it is not boring and some what of a good read.

Now that I have written one, I can give the second a lot more thought. Have no idea what that will be about but I need seven more words, so signing off now.

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