Monday, July 21, 2014

Storing Your Car for a Very Long Time

If you are planning on storing your car in your garage for a long period of time then you should consider the following tips to keep your car safe and in tip top condition when you return:

Fill the gas tank up to avoid natural condensation from happening inside the gas tank. You may use a fuel stabilizer to preserve your car engine even when you are leaving your car in your garage for more than a month.

Just before you cover your car and lock it up, wash it thoroughly and apply wax all over the body of the car. This will preserve the finish of the car even when you are gone for more than a month. You may also use jack stands to prevent the weight of the car from bearing on your car tires, frame, shocks and car struts.

If you are going to be away for more than two weeks then you should remove the car battery to prevent draining your battery. You may also drain the battery by connecting to a small light bulb or you may recharge it using a low-volt charger.

Protect your car brakes by disengaging it to avoid corrosion. You should also plug the tailpipe using a rag to avoid moist air from getting in and affecting restart. Finally, you should store your car in a private garage or in a paid garage service with a locked garage gate. By following all these you will be able to care for your car and extend the life of your vehicle as well. Doing all these will also ensure that you are coming home to a well-maintained and efficient car as soon as you get home from your long vacation or extended business trip.


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