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The Downsizing of your Living Space

With the economy we live in today, some of us are finding it challenging to occupy the space we need to live and justify it with the amount of space we actually use to keep all of our “stuff”.  It is never a kneejerk reaction to move from spacious living conditions to a smaller domain.  There is a lengthy discussion that precedes such a move and the knowledge of sacrifice.

The first thing you will ask yourself when downsizing is where is all the accumulated stuff going to go?  If you have the luxury of time, you will be able to get in to the newly acquired space and begin planning by measuring rooms, doorways, ceilings, etc., to ensure what you envision will fit, will actually fit.

For example, your King bed may have to be traded in for a snugger Queen or Full sized bed.  The old furniture, including the King bed, may all fit in the room, but will there be adequate space for moving around freely in that room?  The bed may stay and there may be clothing that hasn’t been worn in a year or more that can be bagged and given to the local veterans or church in need.  That will allow for one less dresser.

If you don’t have a futon or a pull-out couch, you should have one in any living room, television room or den to have in case there’s a need for overnight accommodations for guests or kids sleepovers.

A purchase of one taller dresser for the bedroom may make having 2 smaller ones obsolete.  Instead of a book cabinet, make shelves higher on the walls of the home, utilizing as much of the room as possible.  These shelves can also be used to house life’s obligatory accumulated knick-knacks, trophies and family photos.
The most under-utilized space in most homes is under the bed.

The small flat plastic totes are perfect storage compartments to fit under any bed and free up closet space.  Extra hooks on the interior and exterior of closet doors can also free up valuable space for clothing and other items.

There will be the inevitable moment when you will have to face the reality that some of your beloved treasures will have to be disposed of.  The motorcycle you’ve been working on for years will not have a basement or garage to be left alone in until you’re ready to get back to it at your leisure.  The row boat you built with your dad as a kid will not fit in your home, even anchoring it to a wall won’t work. The memories of childhood that were stowed away in boxes in the corner of an attic before the downsize, have no such loft to be hidden away in.  Photo albums that have been preserved since your parent’s childhood are now in peril of becoming trash. Or are they ??

With the industry of self-storage appearing in every metropolitan area, there are options today that were not there in our nation’s past.

It becomes clear to you in a moment.  There’s a Storage Station, self-storage facility, right down the road at 1021 Dolsontown Rd., Middletown, NY, 10940.  You’ve never had self-storage, what should you do?  Find all the information possible, so you go on-line at ,  and look at the photos of the Wayne facility and their other conveniently located facilities in NJ and NY.  You read some stories from previous and current tenants who rave of the exceptional customer service and convenient hours.  There’s their phone number, 845-360-2093, so you call them.  They invite you to visit the facility at your convenience during the office hours of Monday through Friday , from 12:00 am to 4:00 pm or Saturday by appointment.

Upon arrival at the facility, you notice how lovely the flowers are on the well-manicured front lawn.  You are greeted in the main office by the welcoming staff. They make you feel comfortable by offering you a cold water or hot coffee.  You see they have some surveillance cameras on-site.  With the information you provide, they offer a few suggestions on the size of storage unit that would best suit your needs.

You are given a tour of the facility.  The knowledgeable staff show you the different sized storage units, how to open and close the doors, how to use your own personal pin code to enter and exit the facility through the electronic gates.   They explain that at Storage Station of Middletown, they give you great access hours to the storage unit that you decide is suitable to your specific needs.

You are given numerous options regarding the insurance that is offered for storing your items.  There’s a choice of individually keyed locks for you to put on your unit for sale right in the main office and if you need boxes or other packing supplies, they have that as well.

The manager can give you tips for storing boxes and larger items in your storage units-this is really more of an art than a science but a some rules always hold true-never cram too many items in to the point of restricting airflow. This could lead to condensation problems. Not to mention it makes it difficult to access your things

At Storage Station of Middletown, our goal is to make the experience of self-storage a pleasant one.  When you visit the office because of downsizing, or for whatever reason, the staff knows it’s the beginning of a journey for you and we strive to make that first experience one that will allow you to have your treasured belongings stored with confidence.

As a courtesy, in the office of Storage Station of Middletown, you may find the business cards of a few moving companies if you want to have your items moved by professionals.  A good professional mover knows how to utilize the entirety of your storage unit to save you time, space and money. However, whether or not to use a moving company and which one is totally up to you.

Whatever it takes to make your downsizing experience easy and affordable, Storage Station of Middletown has the answer!

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