Saturday, July 19, 2014

Three Reasons To Be Thankful for Your Storage Unit.

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In spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday, we here at LifeStorage have a lot to be thankful for. From our families to our good customers, we could go on about the things in life we are thankful for, but to stay on topic about organization and storage, we know that even the small things we should be thankful for. That’s why there are also many reasons we have to be thankful for our self storage units. Think about it. We get a storage unit for a reason, but there are many reasons to be thankful for it so below are our top three reasons.

1. It clears up room in your home. When you have a storage unit, you can free up room in your own home by storing items there instead of within your home. This help keeps your home clutter free and organized (which is especially great if you have house guests coming for the holidays).

2. It allows you to keep items you may not need now. If you have items, especially bigger items like extra furniture, that you do not need at this moment but may need later on, your storage unit gives you a place to keep it instead of having to get rid of it. This helps get rid of your dilemma of whether to keep it until you need it or get rid of it and buy something new when you do need it.

3. It gives you a space to store seasonal items. When seasonal items are kept in your storage unit instead of a basement or garage, you have more room in these places. This lets you celebrate the holidays with a bang but still lets you keep your home in order the other times of the year when you are not using the decorations.

There are so many more things we all have to be thankful for, but we’ll let you decide what you are thankful for yourself. We wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Thanksgiving! After Thanksgiving, head over to your self storage unit to grab your holiday decorations to begin decorating for Christmas.


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