Wednesday, August 6, 2014

5 Home and Gardening Online Magazines You Need to Be Reading

Summer is the perfect time to take on DIY projects around the home. The weather perfectly accommodates spending time outside to beautify surrounding areas. Gardening and light home improvement isn’t only about beautification; there are therapeutic benefits as well. It can ease stress and even improve moods. Many of us get creative and find that we have a green thumb this time of year but aren’t sure exactly where to start. Whether you are looking to take up gardening and beautifying your home as a new hobby or are already seasoned, here are five online magazine that can help:

Better Homes and Gardens

Better Homes and Gardens Magazine on

As the fourth best selling magazine in America, the web version does not disappoint. It is one of America’s most beloved magazines, which provides exceptional tips on not only how to build a better and more beautiful home, but general rips on how to enjoy life and stay healthy. This online magazine covers everything from recipes to home improvement and even pet care. One of the best features of this site is the ability to shop for products that you would need around the home. Feel inspired by an article on updating your patio? You can head right on over to the online store and purchase patio furniture. The magazine is also available for download in the App Store and users can receive a free issue with any annual subscription.



While it does not have a traditional print magazine, HGTV is a great source of information for home improvement, gardening, craft and remodeling. The cable channel itself reaches nearly 100 million American households and the information it provides is available for free on the website as well. What stands out about HGTV is its ‘DIY Network’. It is a website that is dedicated to home improvement projects and expert advice. There is information on painting,, decorating, remodeling, electrical, plumbing, bath, outdoors, and kitchen initiative. The videos and helpful tips are practically endless. Experts on the side also provide helpful material on home projects, with information on where to find the show on HGTV.

Home and Garden Magazine

Home and Garden Magazine on

Based in Boulder, Colorado and published by Brock Media/Publishing Group, this website has resources for home and garden professionals as well as novices. The website has issues dating back to 2005 so you can catch up on nearly a decade worth of home and gardening topic when you have the time. It also links to Get Boulder magazine, a local website where both tourists and local residents can look for exciting things to do in Boulder.

House and Garden Magazine

House and Garden Magazine on

This magazine comes from our friends in the UK and is packed with just as many helpful tips and tricks about decorating as those that exist here in the US. This UK magazine is a mecca of home improvment advice and tips on renovating rooms around the house. If you have the need for self storage, you can also find out about how to optimize your space.

GardenGate Magazine

GardenGate Magazine on

Packed with ideas on everything from eco-friendly countertops to energy efficient lighting, this magazine has everything that the ultimate self starter needs for his or her home improvement needs. There is also an online store with tools and accessories, apparel, and books and DVDs for purchase. Before subscribing, be sure to check out the available free preview.

We hope we’ve equipped you with sufficient information to go forth and create something awesome in your home or garden this summer! And remember, if you need extra space in the form of self storage along the way, we’re here to help you.


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