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WOW here it is the starting of another week. It is Monday morning and I am getting ready for another busy and fun week at Storage Station Stores in Toms River and South Toms River in NJ. WOW the traffic at the shore this summer has really been heavy. A 15 minute to work now take at less 25 minutes or more.
Well as I go through the golden gates at 29 Flint Rd in South Toms River in NJ and making my rounds so far everything looks good. I see that the new tenants that rented over the weekend are moved in. There were 2 new trailers in the outside parking spaces. As I continue my rounds I see that all is in tact- by this I mean all outside parking cars and trucks are covered and where they are supposed to be. As I complete my rounds I see that some tenants are at their units. As always I stop and ask the tenants how things are going and make sure everything is fine. As always we talk a little about the weather and how the traffic is and so forth. I now checking the office and the mail before heading to the other storage station store in Toms River at 25 James St NJ.

Well I am now at the golden gates at 25 James Street Storage Station Store in Toms River NJ. As I make my rounds here it is a little difference than at 29 Flint Rd Storage Station Store. At this location we have two building with interior units. At our Storage Station Store in South Toms River NJ on 29 Flint Rd we have all exterior units. By this I mean they are the type you can drive up to.

I like to take a little time and talk about the summer months that have passed by. Wow I think we have had our share of rain and damp nights. As far as the warm days it has really been nice. We have only had about a week of really hot and humid weather. The only thing about this weather been damp at night is the weeds and grass grow out of sight. As always there is a lot to do at all Storage station stores during the summer months.

I myself as a manager at 25 James St stores in Toms River and 29 Flint Rd in South Toms River am very busy making sure that all that need done get done.

This year I am happy that for the first time I have been able to get control of 95% of the weeds. WOW Good old mother nature has been beating me up the last few years but this year it has been my turn and I will have the upper hand early next spring. Also this summer there was a lot of painting and repairs to do from the winter months. I do hope that this winter it does not get as cold as last winter did. Last winter it got into the 20 and 30 degree temperatures and stay the and with the on going winds that we get here makes it even colder.

Well this has been a good summer for renting. We have been very busy at both stores. We at both of the stores in South Toms River and Toms River in NJ like always are happy to be able to serve the public with a big smile and as always in a happy mood when talking to the tenants that have rented and the new tenants that have call or came in to rent.

I would like to take a little time and talk about the stores. We at both storage station stores are always willing and ready to serve the tenants that have rented and the new tenants that are renting in any way that will make all the Tenants part of the Storage Station stores on 25 James St in Toms River NJ and also on 29 Flint Rd in South Toms River NJ part of the happy family. I myself as a manger do take all the advice and ideas that the tenants give that may improve the storage station store and make them a better place to be no matter what it may be. With the help and ideas from everyone we have seen a big improvement and a lot of smiling faces on everyone. The idea of painting have improved both the hallways and also the the stairs at the Storage Station Store in Toms River, NJ 08753.

So if you would like to rent or come in for a tour and see what size unit you do need please give us a call at 732-573-6354 and anyone here will be glad to serve you or stop in and see the small facelift that I just mentioned. We’ll always try to make sure that you get the right size unit and price that fits your needs. The unit here are inside and outside .

Now for the storage station store in South Toms River NJ 08757 on 29 Flint Rd we have really work hard to use the ideas of everyone here including the tenants. Trust me everyone had a lot of good ideas. I had so many good ideas that I had a hard time picking what to do first. We have painted all the building and freshened up the curbside appearance a bit too. This really improve an over all look at the Storage Station Store in South Toms River NJ on 29 Flint Rd. So if you want to please call 732-573-6353 and we will happy to set you up with an appointment to show you around and also show you the unit that will fit your need and also set you up with a price that will also fit your budget. So please give us a call at the numbers show above and we will be glad to help you no matter what your needs are and get you in the right unit at the right price for you.

As I am writing this I have a new tenant signing up for a 10×20 foot unit to store a car in. Yes we do store cars boats trailers small and big at both Stores in South Toms River and Toms River NJ.

Now at the storage station store on 25 James Street we only store what fits inside a unit. At the other Storage Station store on 29 Flint Rd in South Toms River NJ we have parking spaces outside and also inside the units for all cars boats and motor home and trailers

Well it is time for me to get back to what I like and that is serving the tenants with a big smile and also I like talking to them to hear what going on around the area. So for now to all have a good and safe rest of the summer.

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