Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Elements of a Successful SEO Campaign

The world of SEO is changing, which has a direct impact on any online marketing campaign you may implement. This is especially important for the self-storage industry, which is very competitive and growing. Knowing how to effectively use strategies to market the different types of units like climate-controlled or drive-up units is a niche within itself. Having a good handle on locale-based marketing is also important. You need to implement social media and marketing tactics that may seem a little unconventional, but will have a lasting effect.

Here are a few elements to consider when putting together a successful SEO campaign strategy:


Relevancy is the new page rank, according to Andre Weyher, who is an ex-member of Matt Cutt’s web spam quality team. The key is to get links to sites that are similar in nature to yours, which will prove to be more effective. Additionally, businesses should stop focusing on PageRank or the quantity of links, but rather focus on quality by building relevant links that have meaning.

Link Building

Build links with sites that rank with keywords you use. Sites that are on page 10 or more are usually more organic and natural. You can use these sites to link for valuable information. Using Ahrefs has proven to be ineffective because of the high level of competition doing the exact same thing.

Optimize with Adwords

You can optimize your meta tags with Adwords. Taking the time to examine the information on Google is very useful. Use Google to look at ads that are clicked a lot, assess the text and then use similar text in your meta tags to enhance your click-through rates.

Detailed Articles

If you watch Google’s changes, you are aware of their in-depth articles algorithm update. This allows search results to feature content pieces that are thorough and informative. In order to be listed for in-depth articles, there are a few things you must do like writing on wide-ranging topics within your specific industry, focus on writing really good content that is lengthy at times, and follow the Schema.org rules. Although you can’t possibly always have articles that are 2,000 words, having a couple some of the time will significantly increase the level of traffic to your site as an authoritative source.


Good authors mean a lot of traffic. Having multiple authors gets multiple faces next to the listings of your content which helps your click-through rate and encourages more shares socially. This also affects your rankings. Having your authors sharing their content on their social profiles also helps with increasing the level of traffic to your site due to quality content by trusted authors.

These are just a few tactics that can make a tremendous difference in how your SEO campaign enhances your strategy to increase the level of activity on your site. As more people worked the system, Google found it necessary to level the playing field. You can stay in the game by implementing these simple, organic tasks for lasting results.

Source: http://usselfstoragelocator.com/blog_posts/481-elements-of-a-successful-seo-campaign

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