Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Google+ For Self Storage Marketing

Google + is a fast growing social networking site operated by technology giant, Google Inc. The site has been gaining notoriety over the past few months and continues to build its user base daily. How can it benefit your self storage business? Google + has pages for businesses, similar to Facebook pages, where you can list and promote your self storage facility. Here are a few tips in order to help you navigate this fairly new social network:

  • Choose a suitable display picture – Unlike Facebook’s profile photos, the Google + profile photo must be square. The dimensions for the picture is 200px x 200px and the thumbnail is 48px x 48px. Once you have chosen a picture, you must crop it into a square so keep this in mind when selecting a profile photo.

  • Create keywords to promote your self storage facility – There are three fields where you can enter text – the Tagline, Introduction, and Contact/Website fields. In the Tagline section, use only about 10 words. Anything longer may get cut off. You can provide more details about your self storage company in the About summary section. These pages get indexed by Google, so ensure that you fill these fields out with your complete information.

  • Promote your profile – After creating the page, add a +1 button to your company website if you have one. By adding this button, visitors to your company website can easily visit your Google + profile without going to an external site.

  • Add additional photos - There is a scrapbook area where page administrators can add photos of the business. Since the Google + is plain when compared to other sites, you can use the photo feature to make your page more eye-catching and interesting.

  • Share your Google + page with all your employees and have them share it within their own Google + pages in order to increase engagement. Suitable keywords, photos, and adequate promotion will ensure that your Google + business page makes a strong contribution to your online marketing efforts.

    Source: https://usselfstoragelocator.com/blog_posts/143-google-for-self-storage-marketing

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