Monday, August 11, 2014


The official first day of Spring was March 21, 2014.  But I think someone forgot to tell Mother Nature as the last two weeks have been quite cold.  The end of March is here.  Finally, the temperature today should be about 55° Fahrenheit.  The sun is supposed to finally come out after an incredibly rainy and windy weekend!  All of the snow has finally melted and we can see the grass.  Now is the time to get ready for “Spring Cleaning”!  The term “Spring Cleaning” used to instill fear in me as a person in my 20’s.  It meant having to spend countless hours going through all the corners of the house and cleaning out everything!  Every drawer, under every bed, all of the closets, the basement, the attic and even those places where things seem to disappear!  No nook or cranny of the house is left unturned during this time of the year – thus is the curse of Spring Cleaning!

As I’ve grown older, Spring Cleaning is not as frightening.  It has become a time to renew the spaces in and around my home. And Spring Cleaning is not just for Spring anymore.  The best way I have found to do this is to keep a self-storage unit at my disposal.  It affords me extra room so I can change-over my house for each season and holiday.  Each section of my self-storage unit is for a different season/holiday of the year.  I keep most of my things in storage containers which helps keep things fresh for its’ next use.  Without this self-storage unit, I would not have the space to keep my eclectic collection of items that I have so loving acquired throughout my life.  None of these items would fit into our home without having to give up parking in our garage.  And with winters in West Milford, New Jersey being what they are, I cherish parking in my warmer-than-outside garage!

The Spring section of the self-storage unit holds all of my Easter decorations: my five foot tall Easter Bunny with all its wonderful colors; my collection of plastic Easter eggs that I fill with money and candy for my children (and hopefully a few grandchildren some day).  My whimsical gardening gnomes (each packed carefully in bubble wrap and cardboard boxes) who watch over my newly budding flowers and plants.  My lawn flags which invite visitors into my home.  I also have a collection of baskets that I use to make Easter baskets for the little ones in the family.  This corner also houses my lawn equipment: spreader, hoses, windowsill pots for herbs and my large clay pots for all the flowers that we will soon start planting.  Let’s not forget our summer clothes!  Out come the shorts, shirts, sandals and bathing suits from last year (along with the prayers that they still fit!).

The Summer section of the self-storage unit holds our beach chairs, beach towels, beach umbrella and that crazy screw thing you put into the sand to keep your umbrella up.  In this section is our camping equipment.  Pots, pans, kitchen utensils, sleeping bags and the all important tent.  Most items are kept in storage containers that make moving them around so much easier.  On the self-standing shelving unit we put into the self-storage unit, we have a fun collection of sports coolers that we have collected from different sports.  From the small cooler that looks like a baseball to the oversized one for tailgating parties to resembles a football!  We even have one of those great compact, traveling grills that we take on our trips and vacations!  All of my 4th of July decorations are in this section.  You can never have too many red, white and blue decorations for the house and deck.  Our pools toys are also kept here away from the elements.  Our floats, noodles and blow up toys that fill the pool till you can hardly see any water are here for easy access during the pool months.

My Fall section of the self-storage unit does double-duty as it keeps my decorations for the upcoming holidays and houses our containers of winter clothes.  Our two story blow-up spider takes up a good part of the Fall section of the self-storage unit.  My collection of pumpkins and witches is a sight to be seen.  The Beware of Ghosts walk-way signs are all waiting in their storage container until it is time to release them for Halloween.  My five foot tall scarecrow is propped up against the wall of the self-storage unit guarding our Thanksgiving cornucopia that holds a place of honor in our bay window in the front of the house.  My personalized welcome mats for each special season and holiday are kept wrapped in plastic and placed in cardboard boxes until their respective holiday/season is upon us.

Then, onto my favorite holiday of all: Christmas!  No attic, basement or garage could hold my 7.5” LED Christmas tree with my multiple, large storage containers of balls and personally made ornaments from my children over the years.  Our Nativity set, which is a family heirloom, is carefully placed on the shelves.  The lighted aluminum reindeer pulling Santa Clause in his sleigh are here waiting for their turn to adorn the front lawn.  The numerous Santa Clauses and Snowmen that take up every corner of my house at this time of year are wrapped ever so lovingly in bubble wrap and placed in their own boxes.

The ease of the self-storage unit makes accessing our items a delight.  We don’t spend days on end shifting items around the attic or basement just so we can get to the next holiday or season.  I have all the boxes marked and color coded (yes, I am anal-retentive about such things!) so it is easy to find what we are looking for when the time comes.  We are so happy that a friend suggested Storage Station in West Milford to us!  Our lives are must less stressful using the self-storage unit to make the change-over from one season/holiday to the next!

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