Saturday, August 16, 2014

How can Self Storage Help With Your Wedding?

June is officially the most popular month to get married and planning a wedding is one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. From guest lists and seating charts to gift registries and floral arrangements – a lot of time and effort goes into making it one of the most memorable times in a couple’s life. Most couples don’t think of self storage when planning a wedding but it could in fact take a little of the stress out of the process and help to get things more organized. If you’re planning a wedding this month, here are a few tips to take some of the headache out of the process:

• Use it to store decorations – Whether you have a wedding planner or will be taking on the entire event on your own, extra storage can always come in handy. One of the biggest elements to planning any event (be it a wedding or otherwise) is organization. A self storage unit is great for organization and can keep everything related to your wedding in one place. You centerpieces, extra tables, chairs, and everything else that is involved in the wedding process can be conveniently tucked away inside a self storage unit until you are ready to put everything out.

• Put away wedding gifts – Some wedding gifts may start coming in before the actual day. Undoubtedly, your home will be crowded enough as you get closer to your wedding day so why not use a self storage unit to reclaim some of your space?

• Use it to plan in advance – If you will be organizing the wedding on your own, then planning ahead is vital. You may come across certain deals and discounts ahead of time that are too good to pass up. Storing these items inside your home may not be a viable solution. A self storage unit can get these items out of the way and help you to get the planning process off to a great start.

• Use climate controlled storage Storage for your wedding isn’t limited to before the event. It can be used after the big day as well. For instance, if you will be storing a wedding a dress, select an air-conditioned storage unit in order to guard against mold or mildew

Weddings are stressful enough so we encourage you to do everything you can to make things a little easier on the big day. Rent a self storage unit today in your area and free up your time and space to focus on more important things when you get married.


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