Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I Can See Clearly Now The Rain Is Gone

What’s that I see? Is that the sun coming up from the horizon?

Will we actually get to see the crowds return to the beach, with sunbathers, kids playing, and the local frat guys out there throwing around footballs and Frisbees? With an unusually wet past few weeks, we’ve had everything from prolonged periods of light rain, to massive torrential down pours, all the way to hail falling from the sky. While I enjoy the occasional thunder storm as much as the next guy, and lord knows I hate the humidity more than women who just got their hair done, enough is enough. It’s not very often you see families dancing around on the beach in the rain, well at leave not since the 70s, and our local business community here in Toms River New Jersey, rely on the weather’s cooperation in order for all of us to do what it is that we do best in the summer, and that’s service the community. Whether that is through running games down on the boardwalk, or manning the snow cone stand, or working in the many restaurants down here at the Jersey Shore, if the weather is bad, the tourists will not come.

As the manager of one of the small businesses here in Toms River, my names Ron Weaver by the way, I can attest to the ebbs and flows that, just like the tides of the Atlantic, local tourism undergoes throughout the course of a typical summer at the Jersey Shore. The inevitable, and highly anticipated, influx of people moving into the area for the summer is mind boggling. It’s nothing for the population of our community to swell by near 30% or more over the summer months, and will all of those additional people comes another somewhat unexpected side effect of this tourist boom…congestion.

For those of you who have spent a summer down at the shore, you know walking down the street can seem like a game of pinball with everyone walking and bumping shoulders, with rarely and excuse me heard. Not only that, but trying to find a parking space is like searching for flowers growing in the Arctic Circle. If you are lucky to find a summer rental that happens to come with a parking space, you are almost as likely to see someone blocking your driveway with their illegally parked car as you are to see people riding by on bikes wearing bathing suits, pretty common.

Having a car down at the shore can be more of a headache then it’s worth unless you’ve planned ahead and found other ways to handle this.

Here at my South Toms River location, which is conveniently located at 29 Flint Road, near the intersection of S. Main Street and Route 166, I have the solution to your parking problems. Many of the summer residents of Toms River take full advantage of the benefits and conveniences that storing their vehicles with us here at Storage Station provides. Not only do we offer off street parking, which is an asset unto itself, but we offer some additional items that grant out tenants some added comfort – video surveillance and property fencing. We don’t only offer parking for cars, but also boats, campers, and rvs to allow our tenants to bring all of their summer time toys with them to enjoy a couple of months in the sun before the cold reality of the fall and winter set in.

THE TOMS RIVER TIMES, TOMS RIVER TOWNSHIP NEWSPAPER. TOMS RIVER, NJ 08753. Local Toms River News, Toms River Community Events.

While storing a car or boat here with us at Storage Station of Toms River can seem like a bit of a no brainer, we offer so much more than that. If you are anything like my WIFE and I, then you know all about over packing and over preparing. While it made sense as you were getting ready, to head to the shore for a few week get away, to load up a trailer and bring everything you’d need to spend months down here, once you actually got to the cottage or beach house, you realized that 80 percent of the clothes and toys you brought down were truly unnecessary-so much for all that great planning!. Now you’re faced with a dilemma, do I schlep everything into the house and have to climb over the same stuff each time I want to go to the bathroom, or do I leave it packed in the back of the Jeep and hope no one sees everything in the middle of the night and decides to take a look inside the car.

There is a third option which most people never realize, which I’m sure as you read this can guess what I’m going to say, and that’s a short term self storage unit rental.

I recently received a phone call in the office, at 732-573-6353, in which the prospective tenant basically said all they were looking for was something the size of a coat closet for a month or so. It just so happens that I had exactly what she was looking for, being that we have units ranging in size from 5 foot wide by 5 foot deep (the coat closet she was looking for) all the way up to 15 feet wide by 25 feet deep. So knowing that I had the size she wanted, and the fact that we are a month to month facility, I knew I could help meet all of her storage needs however small or short termed they may have been. After a quick visit to my facility, she left happy knowing she had taken advantage of one of our daily manager specials and got a great deal. It was shortly thereafter that the new tenant’s sister in law paid me a visit and rented a unit nearly identical to her sister.

Whether it be renting a space to park that sports car that turns everyone’s head as you fly by, or the jet skies the kids love riding, or something as simple as a space to store all of the inflatable rafts, dinosaurs, and clothes you brought just in case it got cold, Storage Station is here to help with all of your self storage needs.

Come on down and see us here at 29 Flint Road, or call me at    732 -573- 6353, and tell them I, Ron sent you,  and let us help you.

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