Monday, August 25, 2014

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow, But Call Before You Come Back

“Hurry up, you’re going to miss the bus, and I’m not driving you to school again!!!” I shouted as I pushed my kid out the door.  As she stumbled to the corner, tossing the straps of her over-sized book bag over her shoulders, I see the bus retract its’ stop sign and pull away, minus my kid.  My daughter walks back to the house, throws her book bag on the floor and heads back up to her room for 15 minutes more under the covers while I now have to scramble and get ready as fast as I can so I can go 15 miles out of my way to drop her off at school and still try to get to work on time.

As I mutter curse words to myself as I hurry up and throw on some clothes, I stumble as I pull up my pants, loose my balance, and ram my toes into the feet of my bed full force, and of course, I’ve broken a toe.  Between the tears and swears, I manage to get myself dressed, and with my to go cup of coffee in hand, I head out to the car dragging my half asleep teenage daughter along with me.  As I buckle my seat belt and slam the door, I put the key in the ignition, turn it, and…wait for it…. Nothing.  No ignition, no radio, no lights…. Nothing!!!  As I look to see what could have caused this, I realize that the head lights had been left on, and then it hit me.  I turned to my daughter and gently asked how last night’s ice cream run went.  She said great, and with that the rage from my morning’s’ events all started to boil over and as I opened my mouth to start screaming….

Beep, Beep, Beep.  The alarm clock, my eternal enemy, goes off and as I roll over I realize it was all a horrible dream.  I let out a huge sigh of relief and pull myself from what this morning seemed like the most comfortable been in existence, and head down stairs.  As I stumble into the kitchen and grab the first of many cups of coffee, silence.  The dream had seemed so real, that I fully expected to see my daughter running out the door, but then it hit me, she was off completing her sophomore of college.  As I drank my mornings first cup of liquid energy, I remembered that today was the day, she’s coming home today.  As I smiled in anticipation of her arrival, I realized that it was that time of year again.  Not only did the return of my daughter signal that summer had started, but it also was when business was about to pick up.  I know that starting today, my phone will be ringing off the hook, at 845-360-2093, with inquiries from all sorts of prospective tenants with the same question, my kids coming back, can you help?

A new tenant of mine here at Storage Station of Middletown, located 1021 Dolsontown Road in Middletown New York, recently stopped in to inquire about a small storage space for their son who was getting ready to return home after his freshman year at Rutgers University.  As most college students due, he just need a small storage unit for the summer to storage all of those items he had taken up to school that he wouldn’t need until the fall, nothing a 5’ x 10’ unit wouldn’t handle.

He was bringing home his mini fridge, his microwave, his television, and all of those black light posters that he doesn’t realize we know why he has.  As I spoke to my tenant, she began to tell me all about her son and of course became a bit emotional about her baby boy being off at college for the first time and finally coming back home for the summer.  As I attempted to lighten the mood with a joke, as I often do, I teased her about all of those great days chasing after them to clean their room, do there chores, get good grades, and oh yeah “ don’t forget to fill the gas tank when you borrow my car”.  She laughed and seemed to lighten up a bit.

She, like many of my other tenants with college aged children, make the annual trip into our storage facility management office, and tell me stories about their kids, and all of their accomplishments.  They regale me with stories of deans lists, fraternity pledging, and everything else their kids have done, then quickly switch gears and in the next breathe tell me how much “crap” their kid brought back from school and how there’s no way their keeping all that junk at their house.  We don’t realize as parents how much “stuff” our kids actually accumulate until they leave for school, and their bedroom becomes mom’s sowing room or dad’s man cave, either of which having a pull out couch for when our bundle of joy comes home.  It’s at that very moment when it hits us, what am I going to do with all of this stuff.

Whether it be a semi-permanent solution, or just something for the summer, many parents make the smart decision to store their kids items with us here at Storage Station .  We have a multitude of self storage unit size options to best suit their needs, ranging from 5 feet wide by 5 feet deep, to 10 feet wide by 25 feet deep.

Personally, I have a 10 foot wide by 10 foot deep self storage unit for my daughters “stuff”, which houses both her items she brings back and forth each year to college, as well as items from her childhood which I’m saving for when she graduates.  Besides, all of those stuffed animals would look real funny in the theater room that her bedroom has become.  Having the storage unit has worked out great because it allows me to keep everything in one central location, organized and ready for whenever she may need to grab something.  We put some of those temporary collapsible shelves to help keep everything easily accessible and organized for easy collection.

While I have chosen to keep the storage unit permanently, many of the tenants I see this time of year are looking for something temporary, which is perfect with our flexible rental options.  If this my or my tenant’s story sounds familiar, and you find yourself in the same situation, why don’t you stop on in to  1021 Dolsontown Road in Middletown, New York, or call us at 845-360-2093, and let us show you how we can help.

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