Thursday, August 21, 2014

Self Storage Auctions Sites Merge

Ever wanted to participate in the exciting world of self storage auctionsp but didn’t know how? Well, two online auction sites are about to make your life a whole lot easier. and, which are two of the leading names in self storage auction, recently merged and will become the “eBay” of self storage auctions.

Even if you’re not a self storage insider you have probably heard of shows like Storage Wars and Auction Hunters nonetheless. In these reality shows, persons bid in a high stakes environment to win what could be a self storage unit full of hidden treasures or nothing at all. It’s a big gamble but there are lots of people who are willing to take it. The persons who bid on these units on television are often professionals who dedicate a lot of time and money to rummaging through unwanted self storage units in the hopes of a big payday. and both individually bring a little of that excitement to the average person who wouldn’t necessarily appear on reality TV. allows self storage owners who have a unit they want to auction to create a listing online and have persons bid. This eliminates the live auction model entirely and brings the auction to a much more convenient setting – wherever the bidder wants to access the site, be it from their home, office or elsewhere. Once a user registers on the site, he/she is able to start bidding against others and the highest bidder wins, just like in the in-person auctions. The only thing that changes is that persons are able to access auctions and avoid the crowds and bidding drama that is often associated with these events. take a different approach than StorageBattles. It provides a listing of self storage auctions according to city and state. It serves both the United States and Canada and is a self storage auction location and information portal. User are able to find storage auction schedules, information on units and lockers at auctions, state lien laws and facility auctions rules. Think of it as a one-stop shop for everything related to self storage auctions.

What does this merger mean for both companies? Well, for starters the pooling of resources will bring new savings opportunities to the self storage facility owners who list on these websites. Working together means that both companies will share expertise in how to deliver the best service to clients. Combined, both companies have over 3, 000 self storage facilities that have signed up to list auctions online and a database of over 750, 000 buyers all over the nation. The national Self Storage Association estimates that about 2 million auctions are held per year and this number is expected to grow as online auctions grow in popularity. Both sites are considered heavy hitters in the world of self storage auctions so it will be interesting to see how this new partnership turns out.


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