Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Self Storage Comic Book Seeks More Crowdfunding

Last September, we featured a novel comic book idea that was starting to grow – a self storage themed comic book. The comic book served to further illustrate the infiltration of self storage into the mainstream entertainment industry. The crime-fighting comic book series Unit 44 was created by Wes Locher, an author who was working on two other comic books – New Life and The Undoutables.

Unit 44 comic book in usselfstoragelocator.com

Though the idea was great, the project needed funding, which led to its creator launching a Kickstarter campaign in order to raise the money needed for its production. The campaign was successful and now those involved in the project are trying to finish the next three issues with the help of the public once again. The initial Kickstarter needed to raise $2000 and surpassed that goal in only seven days. This current campaign is trying to raise $2, 400 and has 22 days left until completion. So far, 47 people have contributed $1, 465 toward the goal.

Unit 44 comic book in usselfstoragelocator.com

The comic not only delivers on laughs, it is packs a powerful punch when it comes to action as well. If you’re into secret agents and self storage, then this is exactly the comic you need to have a great laugh and satisfy your craving for a thrilling read as well as secret agents scramble to recover the contents of a unit that were mistakenly sold at a self storage auction. Having forgotten to pay the rent, Area 51 agents in Nevada have to get creative to secure the items before things get out of hand.

We were privy to an exclusive copy of the upcoming first issue of the series and it’s well worth the read. Whether you’re a die-hard comic book fan or just invested in the self storage industry in general, a small donation could help to sustain this very worthwhile project. The Kickstarter campaign will not release funds unless all of the money is raised. That means, it’s all or nothing. For the next 22 days, the initiative needs all the support it can get from its loyal readers.

We’ll continue to monitor for updates to the story. When the issues finally come out, be sure to stop by and share how much you love the comic!

Source: https://usselfstoragelocator.com/blog_posts/581-self-storage-comic-book-seeks-more-crowdfunding

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