Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Self-Storage Pods: Classroom Specialties

School districts are continuously struggling for students, boundary changes, and an environment where they are not faced with space constraints. There has been a paradigm shift in the use of alternative classrooms for schools. A decade ago, school districts would use portable pre-fab construction to install trailer-like facilities which would serve as classrooms. Now, school districts have solicited the help of self-storage facilities and containers to create classroom spaces that are designed to become better equipped to handle weather conditions and withstand the many changes that can occur in new classroom design.

Budgeting is one of the main reasons this has been an alternative for school districts. With so many cuts to the funds that were previously allocated, school districts have to make do with what they have and consider the needs of the students.

Self-storage pods can be outfitted with numerous items to transform it into a general classroom setting:

  • Bathrooms
  • Whiteboards
  • Air conditioners
  • Work stations

And that is not a comprehensive listing. Regular school districts are not the only settings where these pods are being used. The military has used self-storage pods for alternative classroom spaces for years, especially in other countries. With the proliferation of new guidelines for classroom teaching and the classroom size being a major factor in how many students can be taught simultaneously, the use of pods has turned out to be a viable solution, if only temporary.

College and universities also use pods when they initially use satellite locations. Pods are made of steel, are adaptable to any situation, are varied in size and functionality and can be quickly reverted back to their intended use. The growth patterns of the self-storage industry have been phenomenal. As the economy shifts and there continues to be growth in the educational setting, the use of pods as an alternative continues to be a good choice.

School districts that establish a partnership with self-storage companies to establish pods that can act as classroom settings is advantageous for both the school district and the self-storage company. Both organizations are filling a void. School districts can alleviate costs and self-storage companies can utilize bulk discounts that will give school districts leverage in getting these pods for use.

The beauty of utilizing pods for classroom use is that they can be used across the board. Whether the class is general studies, cosmetology or culinary arts, they can all be outfitted as a specialty classroom that will provide everything that is necessary to accomplish this. School cafeterias, main offices, computer labs, art studios and other vital pieces of a school campus can be seamlessly integrated into a pod setting. It is a very effective way to add additional space without upsetting the climate or footprint of the school.

These ideas have migrated to other countries as well, providing options and alternatives for underserved areas and rural districts that are striving to accommodate new needs and demands. As the educational setting continues to change, so will the uses for self-storage alternatives.


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