Friday, August 15, 2014

Self Storage Standoff Ends Peacefully

Surrounded by a host of firearms and running out of options, a man barricaded himself into a self storage unit and had a standoff with the police. This scenario isn’t a scene from the latest summer blockbuster but an actual situation that law enforcement in the quiet Gloucester Township, located in an unincorporated area in Blackwood, NJ., faced a few days ago.

It is still unclear why the unidentified man chose to have an hour-long stand off with police but the interaction eventually ended peacefully. The man locked himself in a 10-foot by 8-foot unit in the South Jersey Self Storage. Police responded to a request at Harmon Drive near the Black Horse Pike where the man refused to exit the storage unit. Once it became apparent that he was armed, the situation quickly escalated.

The workers present near the dangerous standoff were quickly relocated for their safety. It was the armed man’s family that informed the police about the guns in the storage unit. Once the suspect was apprehended, he was taken to the JFK Hospital in Cherry Hill to undergo mental evaluation.

Residents of the surrounding community and the employees of the self storage facility are undoubtedly still very shaken by the incident, which luckily resulted in no injuries.

This disturbing development is just one of the many almost weekly stories that concern illicit activities in self storage units. From bodies to drugs, it seems as if there is a story about illegal self storage happenings splashed across the headlines on a regular basis.

Self storage renters should always be on the lookout to ensure personal safety. Securing your items with a stable lock may not be enough to secure your safety when renting self storage. Research the self storage facility and neighborhood in advance to find out the likelihood of crime in the area. Sometimes, even adequate research on the neighborhood might not be sufficient. The recent story of the self storage manager stealing from the units shows that even people inside the self storage industry might perpetuate these crimes.

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