Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Storage Medium and Joyce Keller Combine Self-Storage

Storage Mart has launched a new web series entitled “The Storage Medium” that connects Joyce Keller with inanimate objects and spirits. Keller is a very popular psychic medium who can tell people things about themselves and spirits of people who have been involved in their lives. The web series is filmed at The Storage Mart facilities and has gained a lot of recognition. Keller uses psychometry, which is holding an object to gain understanding and wait for messages.

Keller has hosted a show on New York’s radio station WOR for many years and has helped numerous people with uncovering secrets from their families. Keller does not want to hurt anyone’s feelings, so she may attempt to censor messages from the spirit world before sharing them with the people. Keller also says that individuals should be careful about bringing antiques and other things into the home, because each item holds good and bad energy.

What is the purpose of this show? Keller and Storage Mart want to “heal the hearts and minds of people who need greater metaphysical contact and understanding by putting an exciting new spotlight on the world of storage.”

This puts an entirely new spin on how self-storage units are being used. From movies and books, to reality series and now web series, the self-storage industry is continuously growing and shaping up to be a lucrative option for investment.  There are so many opportunities and uses for climate-controlled and other unit options, from business to inventive storage that opens the doors to creativity and ingenious options.  

Although this show is only shown online, there are hopes of getting it put on regular television to become exposed to a wider audience. Keller says of the expansion, “If the show does make it to the small screen, TV and storage will never be the same.”

This is something new for those people that love to purchase items from storage facilities on a monthly basis and promote shows like Storage Wars. Bringing to light spiritual holds over certain objects has far more implications than people would have originally imagined. It will be interesting to see how this pans out, as the self-storage industry is becoming very high-profile in terms of visibility. This could eventually hurt the industry in terms of effectiveness and credibility, as all the issues and behind-the-scenes problems that occur are now being put in the spotlight.

Viewers enjoy watching shows where there is some psychic medium force showcasing their skills. There have been a number of successful shows that have been on national television dealing with the “other world.” This may prove to be a very interesting show that may very well get picked up. Considering Joyce Keller already has a huge following, this is also a great opportunity for Storage Mart to capitalize on the medium and brand their name in the industry as an inventive force to be reckoned with. As time passes, more storage companies are finding ways to stay ahead of the game. Storage Mart has created a new lane.

Source: http://usselfstoragelocator.com/blog_posts/506-storage-medium-and-joyce-keller-combine-self-storage

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