Saturday, August 23, 2014

Super Rich Storage Facilities

There are always special accommodations that are built to cater to the wealthy clientele of the world. Having special amenities is nothing new, but Luxembourg, Europe is taking things to an entirely different level. Luxembourg is building a storage facility that will be 215,000 square feet of nothing but space for art, diamonds, jewels, wine, collectible cars and other valuables. The location? Findel Airport, which is the fifth largest air cargo hub in the country.

Where exactly is Luxembourg? It’s nearby the famous locations of France, German and Belgium with a huge banking and steel industry. It has one of the world’s wealthiest economies and can afford to build a facility of this magnitude for wealthy clients. The facility will be highly secured, featuring storage rooms, vaults and safes of different sizes that can be customized to hold valuables “under the most appropriate temperature and humidity conditions.” This sounds like an enhanced version of the climate-controlled unit.

Here are a few other amenities that will be featured, according to the Luxembourg Wort news:

  • All vehicles entering the facility will be inspected.
  • All individuals and their belongings will be scanned.
  • Security guards will patrol the property 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.
  • A 43 ft. high concrete wall will surround the property.
  • There will be 300 closed-circuit TV cameras.
  • Each unit will be outfitted with a biometric fingerprint reader for access.

Insiders call this facility a ‘Hotel for Valuables,’ with the interior looking like a modern museum rather than a standard storage facility. There will be no roll up doors or regular locks like you would see in a standard facility.

Additionally, there will be four climate-controlled cellars with space for 750,000 bottles of vino for wine storage. There will also be equipment present to prevent vibrations from nearby jets taking off. There is also a space to hold wine-tastings.

This has far-surpassed anything that can be found in the United States, but may set a precedence for what’s to come in the progression of the self-storage industry. A growing business prospect, standard facilities are quickly becoming obsolete with patrons seeking more amenities that will help them streamline the way their goods are stored. Technology plays a huge part in this advancement, and different methods of access and monitoring must be implemented to make it worthwhile. Standard contracts and other documentation will have to become mobile responsive, and put online for individuals to be able to transact business while on-the-go.

This also poses a question addressed to the size of current units. With so many people using storage facilities, there are many instances when there has to be more than one unit rented because of the number of belongings. Facilities are going to have to become more accommodating and build larger units for the growing population that wants larger and better accommodations.

Every couple of weeks brings new changes into the realm of the self-storage industry. This new addition adds steam to the growing empire.


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