Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Anticipation of a Great Summer!

The long cold winter is finally behind us!  Thank Goodness!!!

Spring is upon us!  And the anticipation of a great and fun filled summer is in everyone’s thoughts! It’s early in the spring ( or sometimes even in late winter) that we start to imagine life without the wearing of coats and the carefree style of going outside!  We look at the outside of our residences to see what winter wear and tear we can fix.  A fresh coat of paint, fresh and colorful flowers or just raking up old fall leaves and sweeping up winter dust can do wonders to spruce up your home’s appearance and your attitude!

Living in this part of the country, we are lucky to see the seasons change.  We just had one of the longest (it felt like it) and coldest winters  I can remember!   We get to experience spring  –  who brings the rebirth of the earth.  Everything awakens from a long sleep to warmth and color.  It brings people outdoors again and we start to prepare for the longer days and activities.

Then there is summer.  At this time of the year, people (and myself included,) start to plan and imagine what they want to do during the summer.  Vacations are scheduled.  School ends.  It is a little slower paced and you get to enjoy the longer daylight.  It is a known fact that the increased daylight rays make people happier and more productive.

I have so many great memories of past summers!  Growing up, my family always took us to the mountains and the shore.  I still keep in touch with many friends I have made from those fun summers of long past.  I remember some of the fashions of summers past.  (I want to forget most of those!)  I remember a lot of the music and songs that remind me of certain places in the summertime.  It’s so funny what sticks in your head!  When you hear those songs it instantly brings you back to that time!  I can honestly say I remember a lot more of the summers than any other season. Getting out and socializing is a big part of it.  Unlike winter when we tend to hibernate, summer makes us more active and social.  We schedule picnics and barbeques, family reunions and parties.  We travel more and see more people.  Summer has a way of making us happier and more relaxed.  It makes us visualize weekend getaways and road trips.  It calms us down and feeds the soul.  Going outside without a coat and just having more freedom is appealing to many.

We do our Spring Cleaning and store away all the winter things like shovels, salt, winter clothes etc.  With the changing seasons, comes the need to buy more things or to find homes for the things you needed for the past seasons.  Some of us have larger homes and sheds, garages and the like to store our things not presently being used.  Most of us don’t have that luxury.  We have to periodically go through all our things and sort through them to see what can be used again for our present need or throw them away if they are broken or just don’t fit our needs anymore.

Sometimes we spend a lot of money on these items and want them to stay in good shape or sometimes there is an emotional attachment or sentimental value to them.  So what do we do with all those things from the prior seasons that we do not need now and don’t want to get rid of?  The Storage Station can help you with that dilemma!

With our convenient locations at 1867 Greenwood Lake Turnpike and 11 White Road in West Milford, NJ, The Storage Station can provide easy access to your items and can take the headache out of not having a place for your things.

We acquire a lot of things in the summer.  If you have access to a pool or lake, you can have inflatable toys, pool toys and games, life jackets for boats, scuba and diving equipment, golf clubs and of course summer clothes and towels that may not fit in your home at the end of the season!  People may have water skis and other sporting equipment.  There can be gardening items and outdoor decorations and patio furniture.  These things are big and bulky and if you want to keep them in good condition, care has to taken when putting them away when you are done with them for the season.

We just bought a boat last summer.  With it came extra chairs, life jackets, coolers, a barbeque, towels and some of the best memories to date!  At the end of the season, we needed a tarp to cover it and foam blocks to rest it on.  In the current season that we use it, we have to find places to put all the stuff we have when we don’t!  We also have a motorcycle and that has paraphernalia of its own.  Helmets, jackets, glasses, gloves, and tools to fix it all have to go somewhere.  The more toys you have, the more space you need!  Yes, summer has a way of letting you enjoy life!  So don’t stress over the “where am I gonna put it all?”

In doing all of this, we collect more things and eventually they need to be put somewhere.  Even extra vehicles, campers, motorcycles and boats can need a place to be stored when not in use.  These larger items take up space and need to be housed somewhere.

Summer also is the time when people do maintenance to their homes and properties.  Redecorating and home improvement projects happen at this time of the year.  There may be a need to move things around and to store things temporarily in order to do these projects.  Getting things out of the way in order to work in a specific area may be necessary.  What do you with the furniture or items in the way?  Storing them temporarily or long term can help clear space for the task at hand.

Summer is right around the corner!  It will be here in no time!  If you have not already started planning your summer fun, it’s not too late!  To not have stress or worry about where to put your things from last season or where to put them when summer is over, will make your summer even better!  Having an option like Storage Station can help you relax a little more!  Sit back, grab a cold one and turn up the music!  And have a fun, safe and memorable summer!!!

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