Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Thing Ahead of the Customer

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Believe it or not, customers know when they are being sold to. Surprise. That is a shock to many different people or maybe its not. It blows the minds of many that think that managers really do not realize that the people that call them know that they are being sold to. If the managers are not thinking that way, then they might be missing more than just that. Property managers should always have the thought process that they have to win the customer away from whomever the customer called before them. That has to be the objective.

When managers are thinking ahead of the customers they are putting their selves in a good place. They can have different scenarios thought out and planned so they can be prepared to rebuttal if the customer has an issue. The more the manager tries to prepare for what the customer could say the better equipped they are to get the customer to rent with them. The end game for the manager is to get the customer to rent. If you as a manager are not thinking about renting spaces then you are in the wrong profession.

Property managers need to be a step ahead of the customers but with that said, they also can not put the customer in a weird or awkward place. When a customer tells the manager no, the manager has to be cool, calm and collective. The manager needs to ensure that they know what their next move will be and breathe before responding. If the manager goes on full blown attack mode, that can leave to the customer leaving the store or hanging up the phone. That is not what the manager wants to happen.

When a customer calls the store or drops in, they are telling you that they want a storage space, but what are you going to do about it? Some managers think that they can just throw a price at the customer and that will win them over. Customers care about more than just the price. They are coming into the facility to check everything out and ensure that it is the place that they want to rent from. They are checking you out as a manager as well. The manager is a big piece of the pie when it comes to the customer. The property manager really can tilt the property in favor of the company if they handle this customer correctly.

Self storage is not rocket science. As a manager you don’t have to wait for all the stars to align for you to get the customer to rent with you. All you have to do is anticipate any objections they would have with your property. You can find all kinds of different things that the customer will come up with in order to say no. They have already made the first commitment. They are asking you for storage. Now you just have to think ahead of them and come up with some solution for them that the customer does not see.

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