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To Climate Control or Not To Climate Control, Is the Question.

As the dog days of summer are quickly upon us, here at Storage Station located at 2354 Hamburg Turnpike, in Wayne, New Jersey, are frequently asked whether or not a prospective tenant should rent a climate controlled unit or not.  A very simple question with not as simple of an answer.  Being that our phone rings off the hook, at (862)377-6593, with questions along these lines, I figured I’d take a moment to help everyone understand the difference between these two types of units, and make the decision making process all the easier.

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While a blanket answer would be temperature control, I find that best way to assist in the decision is to point out all of the feature that each type of unit has, and best guide my prospective tenants into renting a unit that best meets their needs.  First we’ll start out by taking a look at what each type of unit is, and proceed from there.

Heated or cooled controlled units are interior units which offer many of the same amenities that the non climate controlled units offer, with of course a few difference.  Climate controlled units here at our storage facility are located on the interior of the building on the second floor.  Before you grimace at the thought of a second floor storage unit, just let me assure you that we have multiple freight elevators which can hold all of your household items, negating the need to carry anything up a flight of stairs.  But back to topic, all of our climate controlled units are located on the interior of our building for a simple reason, the control in climate control.  Our climate controlled units are kept in a constant temperature, pre-determined to best allow the proper storage of your items.  Placing all heated /cooled storage units on the interior of the storage facility allow us to better maintain that temperature by removing the human factor.  We’ve all been in a rush and forgot to close a window or door at home and the air conditioner or heat has had to kick into overdrive to maintain the temperature we want it to be.  Having all of the units inside the upper portion of our facility means that even if a tenant were to leave the door open when vacating or moving in, the external temperature does not have an opportunity to significantly affect the other units inside.  If a climate controlled unit were to be placed in a location with an exterior door, any tenant who may have forgotten to close the door, or just may be returning shortly and left it open on purpose, could wreak havoc on the temperature in the surrounding units by allowing hot or cold air in depending upon time of year.

Also, the consistency of the temperature allows for a more home like storage option.  I often say to people when asked what type of unit they should go with, I ask them one simple question.  Would you store whatever it is in a shed in your back year?  At first it takes a second for it to click, but basically that sums up the decision.  With this crazy Northern New Jersey weather, i.e. 50 something one night, up to 90 the next day, the rapid and severe temperature fluctuations can cause major issues with certain items you are trying to store.  In today’s age of high definition televisions, and super sensitive electronics, rapid temperature change can damage, perhaps even destroy items that are never meant to be left outside when its 95 plus degrees, or sub freezing.

A climate controlled unit is  set to a +/- 20 degree  temperature range which allows for a storage environment closer to a home than a garage or shed..

Standard non-climate controlled units, while not temperature regulated, do offer certain advantages that climate controlled self storage units do not.  While I mentioned that the climate controlled units are located on our second floor, all of our non climate controlled units are located on the  first floor of our facility.  Some are interior units, some are exterior units, both of which offer great ways to store your items.  A non climate controlled unit can vary in size from a 5 foot wide by 5 foot wide (a coat closet) all the way up to a 12.5 foot wide by 20 foot long (larger than some one car garages).  Most commonly, you’ll find tenants storing items like their Christmas decorations in the smaller units, and even items like cars in our larger units.  Our exterior non climate controlled units have an exterior door which allows for our tenants to simply pull up and leave there items in the unit, no stairs, no elevators, no extra steps.  Not only do they allow for a pull up and dump style of storage, but for the units large enough to fit a vehicle, you can drive your car or bike right into the unit, shut the door, lock it and leave.  If ease of access is your sole deciding point, the exterior non climate controlled storage units are hard to beat.

Now that we’ve discussed a couple of the features that each type of storage unit has to offer, hopefully you’ve started to get a better picture as to which type of unit is best for you.  On one hand, you have the added peace of mind of knowing your items will be kept in a temperature regulated environment.  On the other hand, if being able to easily navigate the deposit and removal of your items into the unit is something that you really need, a  non climate controlled unit is the way to go.

Regardless of which unit style, standard non climate control vs. climate controlled, or unit size, coat closet to garage, we hear at Storage Station on Hamburg Turnpike in Wayne have the unit to best suit your needs.  If you have any other questions, please feel free to stop by at 2354 Hamburg Turnpike, call us at (862) 377-6583, or email us at, and we’ll be glad to help you figure out what the best unit for you will be.

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