Sunday, August 17, 2014

Using the 5 W’s to Perfect Your Content Marketing

Content writers frequently use tips and formulas to make their content work for the topic they are writing about. For those people who aren’t as skilled, being able to utilize a blueprint for good writing can make a difference in the presentation. Every good journalist uses the 5W’s to structure their content for a news story. Why not use that same formula for content marketing? Every story has relevance in some way, and being able to put it together cohesively will make your writing clear and concise. The Five W’s consist of Who, What, When, Where and Why. Let’s break them down:


Who is your target? Your audience? This will help you structure your content for your audience in a smooth, conversational manner. By understanding who you are writing for, your content becomes authoritative, making you a trusted resource in the industry.Writing for a targeted audience also increases your local search results and exposes you to a larger demographic.


What are you writing? Is it informative? Can your audience hear what you are saying? What you write is just as important as who you are writing for. Engaging content that educates and informs will keep your audience returning for more.


Once you have your great content, it’s time to share it with your audience and the masses. Using social media to achieve this is easy. If you already utilize these tools, you have an audience that is ready to listen each and every time. Being reciprocal with other content providers and running campaigns can also help you become a trusted resource and your message will spread to a larger audience in a shorter time. This promotes good link building and assists in getting subscribers and followers.


Knowing when to introduce new topics and when to place them on social media or other sites can make an impact on your messages. Study your analytics to determine when your audience is most engaged and capitalize on that. There’s nothing like knowing when your message will be received in the right way, or when you need to utilize your connections to get your information to other outlets. These are all ways to incorporate the when into your content strategy.


Most importantly, you need to know and understand why you are delivering content. Why do you want to be an authoritative source? Why is it important to reach your audience? Your why should be fueled by the results of the content you write and how it impacts your audience. Look at your links, your use of hashtags and make sure these help fuel your efforts.

Evaluate your content marketing strategy and make sure you are tailoring your content by using the 5W’s. You will gain a lot more traction and usefulness in your presentation by structuring the “voice” you use with your audience. You will be surprised just how far your message can travel, and how quickly you will gain a foothold as an authority.


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