Monday, August 18, 2014

Using Content Marketing for Your Self Storage Facility

With literally thousands of marketing messages being hurled at consumers on a daily basis, how will you get the message out about your self storage facility? There is no simple answer to this. As marketing messages get more sophisticated, consumers are also becoming more aware of how to avoid them. The solution to this may be content marketing.

Content marketing is the creation of and sharing of information of value that is also used to attract customers. The idea behind content marketing is that if you provide valuable resources, without a visible angle of promotion, traffic to your business will be generated in the form of interesting people perusing your marketing material to take note of the information.

There are many examples of content marketing in recent times but the concept is not entirely new. As far back as in the 1960s, Jell-O would provide recipe books that showed various items that could be created using its products. These books were of value to the consumer who was looking for recipes and also served to get the brand’s name into the hands of more people.

You may be wondering how your self storage facility can use content marketing to bring in new consumers. Well. If you have a website, that would be a great place to start. You can create a blog with self storage tips and advice about moving. These things are directly related to self storage and would no doubt appear in searches when people are looking for self storage. By providing advice to people to looking for self storage, you are providing them with added value and this would encourage them to employ the use of your facility when they eventually decide to commit to a self storage unit.

Content marketing can also help with SEO efforts. By hosting a wide range of content that is related to self storage, your website will appear in searches for people who are looking for all types of moving and self storage topics. When creating content marketing pieces, keep in mind that no one wants to directly consume advertising and promoting. Therefore, your efforts should be subversive. Customers want value and this can be educational, have entertainment value or even both.

The best way to make content marketing work for you is to take the name of your self storage facility out of the headline of the content. Remember that good content marketing is never overt. You should be the authority of the content, but not the driver. Aim to create content that is shareable based on its own merit and not necessarily its connection to your self storage brand.


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