Sunday, August 24, 2014

What Could Cloud Computing Do For Your Self Storage Business?

If you can’t go a day by without someone in your immediate company referencing “storage on the cloud”, it’s because cloud-based storage has become a popular way to secure important documents and files for both business and personal use. While not every new fad is worth considering for your self storage business, it is helpful to get informed about what it is and how it could benefit your facility.

Cloud storage refers to storing data in logical pools while the actual physical storage is spread across multiple servers owned by a hosting company. Even though it’s very prominent in this day and age, it actually originated in the 60’s when it was introduced by J.C.R. Licklider. He envisioned everyone around the world having access to programs and data from anywhere and at anytime. His vision has been realized in recent times where virtually every business has access to some form of cloud computing or another.

Cloud computing has several advantages but it is up to the self storage business owner to decide whether or not it is a good business decision to invest in it. Cloud based software has many uses including security systems, management software, payment processing, and security systems. Cloud based storage is incredibly convenient. Since it eliminates the need for physical access, it enables multiple people to retrieve data from any location, which can be very helpful for increasing efficiency.

Cloud computing also has a reputation for being very secure. It is safer than keeping information on a physical computer and the encryption helps to protect it from potential threats. The cost is also a bit lower than using the traditional storage software, and maintaining it isn’t expensive ether. You can think of ways to leverage to low cost to further improve your business. For example, self storage customers would be happy to see the savings from using cloud based storage passed on to them in a discount on monthly rent.

Despite the many advantages of cloud computing, there are a few drawbacks as well. It requires constant access to the Internet, which may not always be possible and there is a potential lack of customer support. Whether or not you decide to implement cloud based storage or not for your self storage business, remember to keep an eye on for the latest information on recent developments in technology, marketing and the self storage industry.


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